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9 Popular Myths About Grey Hair Debunked!

There are two ways to ease into grey hair. The first way is to do it gracefully and the second is to worry shitless. And most of us fall into the second category. As soon as we see one single strand of grey hair, we freak out and start cooking up the worst-case scenarios and looking out for ways to prevent further greying of hair.


There are so many myths regarding grey hair floating around us that make us dread grey hair even more. The truth is most of these are in fact that, myths. This information about grey hair needs to be tackled, whether it is to ease the transformation and take out the fear or to make you well equipped to prevent premature greying of hair.

So, here we are today to debunk the popular myths surrounding grey hair. Take a look!

Myth 1. If You Pluck One Grey Hair, It Multiplies

This, hands down is the most popular myth about grey hair. You spot a grey hair and you spend hours in front of the mirror wondering whether you should pluck it out or not. Well, don't you worry. Plucking out the grey hair won't lead to its multiplication.

But also, plucking isn't such a great idea. You might take out the hair, but the hair follicle remains. And the grey hair will grow back again or worse- you damage the hair follicle and the hair never grows back.


Myth 2. Colouring The Hair Can Cause Grey Hair

This is again just a myth. Colouring won't cause grey hair. But yes, it might lead to dry, dull and brittle hair due to the chemicals used in the hair dyes. So, you need to properly care for coloured strands and frequently colouring the hair does damage the hair.

Myth 3. Overexposure To Sun Can Lead To Grey Hair

Well, the sun doesn't cause grey hair per se. We all know how dangerous the sun rays can be for our skin and hair. But, no. It won't strip the colour of your hair. The sun might be a factor but it isn't definitely what causes grey hair. Although, if you already have grey hair, it is more prone to hair damage due to the lack of melanin in the hair.

Myth 4. Stress Causes Grey Hair

Not true. You might have heard people say that all that stress is making their hair grey. The fact is, stress can not strip the pigment of the hair. It might lead to hair loss but not the colour. What is possible is that the wrong habits you incorporate when you're stress are contributing to the grey hair.

Myth 5. Your Hair Can Turn Grey Overnight

This isn't possible. There are many myths claiming grey hair as an overnight phenomenon. These include occurrences such as bad fright and panic. You can't just wake up one day with grey hair shining on your head. It takes time for the hair strands to lose its pigment. It can not happen overnight.

Myth 6. You Lifestyle Has No Role To Play In Turning Your Hair Grey

That is untrue. Your lifestyle has a huge role to play in determining the quality and texture of your hair. While you can reverse the process of hair turning grey, you can definitely prevent premature greying of hair. Your hair needs some essential vitamins and nutrients and lack of those can cause the hair strands to lose pigment. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking can also lead to grey hair.

Myth 7. Only Older People Have Grey Hair

Unfortunately, this isn't true. Grey hair is not specific to older people. You will see many people in their 20s' battling with grey hair. Genetics can also be one of the reasons for that. If your parents had grey hair fairly early in their life, chances are you will too. Another reason might be your lifestyle as discussed above.

Myth 8. It Is Easier To Colour Grey Hair

Just because the hair is lighter doesn't mean that it can be coloured easily. In fact, grey hair doesn't absorb colour as well as normal hair. The loss of protein in grey hair makes the hair dull, brittle and weak. And therefore, it becomes difficult to colour it.

Myth 9. Grey Hair Is Comparatively Coarser

While it might seem that way, but it is actually untrue. Grey hair might be dry and brittle due to the loss of melanin and proteins, but it isn't coarser than the normal hair.

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