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Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Men To Follow This Season!

If the sweat bothers your hair during summer, then during monsoon it may be worse. Ain't it, guys? Whether you carry an umbrella, a raincoat or take shelter during the rains - the cons of rain water are sure to touch your hair and men, you just can't avoid it.


Getting drenched in the rain not only wets your hair but it can lead to gross hair problems if the hair is not treated in the right way. Well, you can take tips from your ladies on how to take care of hair during monsoon, but then you want shortcuts right?

Based on the taste of men, here is a list of mini to-dos and tips that men can follow for a perfect hair care during the monsoon season. These hair care initiatives for men can be taken at home without much fuss but should be followed diligently to see a noticeable change.


Remedy For Itchy Scalp During Monsoon

Men often get itchy scalp as a result of the rain water pouring on the head. The hack is an immediate shampooing session. Come back home, dry your hair with a towel and go for a hair wash. Next, mix equal portion of vinegar and water and rinse your hair with this mix. This will avoid the itchiness of your hair and keep your hair soft.


Remedy For Oily Scalp During Monsoon

For some men, a common monsoon hair problem is extra oily scalp. May be, all year long you don't face this problem, but as the monsoon sets in, your scalp becomes oily. Let's share the solution. For this, you have to apply raw lime juice directly on your hair scalp before a bath and then wash off. Lime juice clears the oiliness.


Increase The Number Of Hair Washes

The hack to protect your hair during monsoon is by increasing the number of hair washes in a week. If all year long a man washes his hair two times in a week, in the rainy season the number of hair washes can double to four times, to keep the scalp and hair clean.


Conditioning Is A Must

Rest of the year, you may go lazy on conditioning. During the monsoons, men, please spend extra time in the washroom after shampoo and do condition your hair. Conditioning the hair in monsoon is important, as it comes with moisturizers, oils, and sunscreen, which are very important to be added to men's hair care schedule during the rainy season.


Remedy For Scalp Infections

During the monsoon, it is very common to get scalp infections despite all your efforts to keep your hair clean. Here, the remedy is to simply use coconut oil. Than waiting for the infection to pop, massage coconut oil at regular intervals on the scalp during monsoon, so that it remains fresh and healthy. Before applying, try to heat the coconut oil in the microwave to lukewarm for relaxing effects.


Remedy For Scalp Dandruff

For some men, dandruff becomes an extra concern during the rainy season. The usual amount of dandruff might go up due to the rains. The solution is to use neem oil. Neem hair oil is available at beauty stores and you have to apply it on your dry hair. Massage the neem oil for 10-15 minutes and then a hair wash must be followed.


Bid Bye To Hair Products

Shampoo, hair oil, hair conditioners are constant in the hair care schedule during the monsoon season. The ones that you have to bid a bye to is hair colour, hair perfume, hair gels, and hair spray. All the restricted products add moisture to the hair, which should be avoided during the monsoon season. So, during monsoon, men should try limiting to shampoo, hair oil, conditioner and combs only, for their hair.


How About Natural Conditioning?

Than going for mass-marketed hair conditioners, it is better to use natural hair conditioners during the monsoon season. During monsoon, men can use beer as their hair conditioner. Some men would love to do so, but than quenching your thirst, beer has extra benefits as a conditioner on your hair during the monsoon season.


Hair Drying Is An Art During Monsoon

Rest of the year you may rely on your hair dryer or natural drying. During the monsoon, as the moisture content of the hair is at its peak, you should dry your hair only with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. These two ensure complete drying of hair, making it dry with minimum friction.


Get Waterproof Raincoats With A Hoodie

Buying raincoat is a ritual during the rains. However, what men miss on is to check if their raincoat has a hoodie or not. Ensure that your raincoat has a hoodie, as this protects the hair during heavy downpours.

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