How To Use Hibiscus Oil For Hair

By: Rima Chowdhury

Hibiscus, popularly known as gudhal in India, is extremely beneficial for our hair and skin. The hibiscus flower along with the leaves can help to fight against dandruff issue, hair fall problems, baldness etc. Here, we shall concentrate on the benefits of hibiscus oil for hair.

It has also proved to be very beneficial in treating greying of hair and premature hair loss.

Hibiscus flower contains a high amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and alpha-hydroxyl acids along with other beneficial nutrients. Oil extracted from hibiscus is also used in several shampoos and hair care products, which claim to treat hair loss problems.

So, here's how you can use hibiscus for hair problems.


1. For Itchiness Of Scalp

Due to Vitamins A and C found in hibiscus flower, the oil helps to prevent itchiness on the scalp. You can also boil some hibiscus flowers in water and collect this water in a separate container. Allow this water to cool down and then use this water as an after-rinse to wash off the hair. Using hibiscus oil as well as the hibiscus water can help to prevent itchiness on the scalp and also help keep your scalp healthy.


2. Helps Prevent Premature Ageing Of Hair

Many of them experience premature ageing of hair due to hormonal or other issues. Hibiscus oil can help to treat this problem completely and boost hair growth easily. Take some hibiscus leaves and grind them in a blender to make a powder. Now, add them in a cup of yogurt, along with some hibiscus oil and apply this mixture on your scalp. Wait for sometime and wash off with lukewarm water. Regular application of plain hibiscus oil can also help treat the problem effectively.


3. For Strong Hair

If you want to strengthen the hair follicles, make use of hibiscus oil along with coconut oil. Mix a few drops of hibiscus oil with coconut oil. Add hibiscus powder as well and allow it to boil for some time. Apply this hair mask on your scalp and allow it to dry for some time. Wash off with water later. Using hibiscus and coconut oil mixture can help to strengthen your hair.


4. For Dandruff Problems

Hibiscus, when combined with fenugreek seeds, can help to deal with dandruff issues easily. You should take a handful of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight. Make a paste and add some olive oil to it. Now take some hibiscus oil and mix everything well. Add 2 spoons of hibiscus powder to the fenugreek paste and apply on the scalp. Make sure you apply on the roots as well as on the affected areas. Allow it to dry and then wash off with lukewarm water.


5. For Greying Of Hair

In order to prevent greying of hair, you can make use of hibiscus oil and Mehndi leaves. Take a handful of Mehndi leaves and hibiscus flowers and grind both of them to make a powder. Now, add the obtained mixture with yogurt and add a few drops of lemon to it along with some hibiscus oil. Apply this on your roots as well as hair tips. Massage for some time and leave it to dry. Wash off with lukewarm water in 15 minutes. Shampoo the next day


6. For Strengthening Hair Follicles And For Maintaining Healthy Scalp

In order to enjoy healthy hair follicles and healthy scalp, you need to take 5-6 spoons of hibiscus oil and add it with 5-6 spoons of amla powder. Mix both of them properly and add some lemon juice to it. Apply this on your hair as a mask and leave it for 40 minutes. Rinse off with shampoo after some time. Amla also helps to condition your hair naturally.


7. To Treat Frizziness And Get Soft Hair

If you often feel that your hair suffers from the frizzing problem, here is an easy method that you can practice at home. Using this hibiscus mask can help to condition your hair naturally and also make it manageable. Take some hibiscus oil and allow it to boil for some time. Now add 1-2 spoons of gram flour and mix well to make a paste. Apply this on your scalp and wash off after 30 minutes.


8. For Thick Hair

Everyone is aware that hibiscus oil can help to ward off the problem of hair loss and when combined with curry leaves, it can help to give you thick hair. Take some hibiscus oil and curry leaves powder and boil them for some time. Mix and apply this on your scalp. Leave for sometime and rinse your hair thoroughly.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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