How To Choose A Hair Oil According To Your Hair Type

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Different hair types require different levels of care. If you have oily hair you just can't use a shampoo meant for dry hair. Similarly, you need to be careful about choosing a hair oil according to your hair type.

Oiling your hair is beneficial for all hair types, yes, even oily hair types. Sometimes, the oils from your scalp tend to not reach all the parts of your hair, and these oils play a huge part in keeping the hair strong and shiny and preventing problems like breakage and hair fall.

So, here's a guide to figuring out what kind of oils to use according to your hair type. A weekly warm oil treatment for your hair can have amazing benefits for your hair.


Dry Hair:

Dry hair is very much prone to damage like becoming brittle and breaking often. Use thick rich oils like olive oil or almond oil, which may be too much for other hair types. These oils give your hair the much needed nourishment.


Oily Hair:

Oily hair types should go for lighter oils like argan oil. This will bring the shine back to your hair without weighing it down with all the greasiness and oiliness that most oils bring with them.


Normal Hair:

You can go for all sorts of hair oils, specifically coconut oil, which is not as heavy as almond or olive oils and yet provides ample amount of nourishment.



Dandruff is a sort of fungal infection that happens on your scalp. Neem oil and tea tree oil are the best remedies for this as they are both antibacterial.


Split Ends:

Split ends are a sign of severely damaged hair. For this, use castor oil because it is rich in monosaturated fatty acids and omega fatty acids.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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