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Bun Hairstyles For Today's Working Women

Confused on what hairstyle to try for the office, which will look good and apt for office wear, not to mention, easy to do? Well, the answer is a hair bun.

By the name, it may sound so boring, but presently there are a variety of hair bun styles out there that fashionistas are coming up with, which you can try for your office look.

These hair bun styles look great and also let little effort and time for first timers. Once comfortable with any of these hair bun styles, you can try them on a daily basis.

The best part of putting up a hair bun to work is, it keeps the hair safe and you really don't have to waste your precious work time on your hair. Once you do the hair bun and fix it on your head with the right amount of clips and accessories, your hair bun stays intact all day long.

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These hair buns do not run out of glamour and can also be taken along to parties or for casual outings. The bun hairstyles that are explained here also have a visual tutorial which you can follow to know of the steps, in order to get these done.

The hair buns might take a little extra time and effort for the first timers, but these are definitely worth a try to give your hair a noticeable makeover at office.


Easy Donut Hair Bun

Very easy to do, the main requisite to do the donut bun is a strong fat hair rubber band or a hair donut. The donut bun can be placed on top, center or lower side of your head. Ensure that when you distribute your hair over the rubber band or a hair donut, it is so even that the band or donut is not noticeable. Try to opt for a rubber band or donut colour exactly of the colour of your hair.


Simple Donut Bun With Side Plait

Now when the donut bun becomes boring and you are confident about how to do the donut bun, it's time to add a twist. Place the donut bun on one side of your head and on the other side do a hair plait and attach it to the bun. Please note that for this hairstyle, you have to do a side-swept parting only. Also, invest time while fixing the bun and plait together.


Top Half Bun With Open Hair

Very trending on the internet, this bun hairstyle for working women allows you to flaunt your hair while you just fix a bun with a portion of the hair right on top of your head. The best part is, this can be done on short hair and long hair as well. To do the top half bun with open hair, you just need one rubber band with a few bobby pins.


Center Loop Bun

As shown in the picture, the center loop bun is dependent on a ponytail that needs to be fixed with a rubber band at the start. The center loop bun is easy to do but you have to ensure that it's tight enough at the start, such that it does not get loose by the end of the day. Before doing this bun hairstyle to work, please spend time to comb your hair nicely.


Low Twisted Loop Hair Bun

Once you become comfortable with the loop bun, how about adding a twist to it? For the twist in your low loop bun, you can use an extra strand of hair to cover the beginning of your low loop bun. While doing the low twisted loop hair bun, spend time to ensure that both the loop bun and the extra strand of hair are rightly fixed. For this particular hairstyle, you can be picky about the parting of your hair and also where you will place the bun - low, high or center.


Bun In A Twisted Plait

Now, once you know how to do a bun and a plait - here is how you can combine both to derive a stylish bun hairstyle for working women. Exactly as shown in the picture, first do a ponytail with a center plait. Use all of the hair, except for the plait, to do the bun. When the bun is done, wrap the plait all around it. To fix the hair bun and plait together, you would require some extra hair pins.

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Story first published: Friday, July 14, 2017, 12:45 [IST]