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Tips To Make Thin Hair Bouncy, Which Really Work!

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You are getting ready to attend a friend's wedding and when you start to do your hair, you notice how thin and limp it has come to be, so none of the glamorous hair styles suit you!

Well, many of us experience the same issue when it comes to maintaining and managing hair, as hair fall is a common problem that can make your mane thin and limp.

Hair loss can be caused by various reasons like poor nutrition, lack of a proper hair care routine, exposure to pollution and dust, hormonal imbalances, sickness, etc.

In some cases, even if you are not experiencing any hair fall, your tresses can be naturally thin, even then, it can look rather lifeless.

Limp hair can make a person look quite unattractive, giving them an unhealthy appearance.

You can include nutritious foods in your diet and also maintain a proper hair care routine if you want to make your hair appear more voluminous.

So, listed here are a few excellent tips that can help make thin, limp hair be more bouncier, take a look.


1. Pick The Right Style

People with thin hair can go in for haircuts which are shorter and more layered to give their mane a voluminous appearance naturally.


2. Highlight Your Hair

Professional stylists opine that getting highlights using colours lighter than that of your hair, especially at the ends, can make your hair appear more voluminous.


3. Use The Right Products

You can use shampoos and conditioners specially made for thin hair that can make your hair more bouncier. Using dry shampoos is also a great way to add volume to your hair.


4. Cut Back On Conditioner

Using too much of hair conditioner can further flatten your hair, making it more fine and soft. Hence, it is better if you do not use a lot of conditioner when you wash your hair.


5. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

You can wash your hair using apple cider vinegar (after you shampoo), at least twice in a week, as apple cider vinegar is known to add volume to your mane.


6. Use A Blow-Dryer

Styling your hair using a blow dryer and a round-edged hair brush is one of the best ways to make thin hair look bouncy and wavy, right at home!


7. Use A Hair Spray

Using a voluminising hair spray is a great way to instantly make your thin hair appear full of life and volume!

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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