This 5-Step Ritual Will Get You Twice The Benefit From Your Regular Hair Oiling!

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From simple hair troubles like greasy hair to major hair woes like dandruff, we can't remember a time when we were without any hair problems, can you?

hair oiling

You see, the health of your mane is not determined by the expensive spa treatments you take, or fancy products that you use, but down to simple care you take on everyday basis, like combing or hair oiling.

Hair oiling, we know how it works. From repairing damaged cuticles to conditioning dry hair, it infuses life back into damaged hair. We know the drill. But, did you know the right way to oil your hair?

Did you know leaving oil on the scalp for too long can attract dirt, triggering dandruff? Did you know that rubbing your scalp when oiling can lead to hair breakage? Or the ultimate, if you have sensitive scalp, oiling too often is asking for trouble!

Even if we have done something, since forever, it doesn't necessarily mean you are doing it right. To make the job easier for you, we have curated this 5-step hair-oiling technique to get you the most out of this simple routine.

Step 1:

apricot oil

Pick the oil. If you have dry scalp, take coconut oil, packed with antioxidants, it improves flexibility of hair strands and locks in the moisture. If you have greasy hair, go for apricot kernel oil, as it is light in weight and easily gets absorbed. And for dandruff, add a few drops of tea tree oil to the base oil.

Step 2:

heat oil

Take a pan, and add 4 to 5 tablespoons of the oil of your choice. Depending on your hair length and thickness, tweak the content. After a minute, turn off the heat and let the oil cool.

Step 3:

oil massage

Divide your hair in 4 to 5 sections. And apply thick coating of the oil to each layer of the hair. Massage your scalp (never rub with palm) with the soft bud of your fingers for 10 to 15 minutes to stimulate blood flow.

Step 4:


Take a microfiber towel, dip it in warm water and wring out the excess moisture. Wrap your hair carefully with the towel. Steam from the towel will help the oil penetrate deep into your hair follicles, better nourishing the hair. Let the oil sit for an hour or maximum overnight.

Step 5:


Remove tangles and knots from your hair, using the soft bud of your fingers. Douse your hair with water thoroughly. Take shampoo in the palm of your hand, add a little water to it, and the apply it to your scalp. This simple step will take off the grease and oil from the scalp, without you having to use too much shampoo. Rinse and follow it up with a conditioner.

Follow these basic tips on how to oil your hair, and let us know how it worked for you.

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