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7 Awesome Ways A 20-Year Old Can Get Rid Of White Hair

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Grey hair is something every man or woman wants to get rid of at the earliest. Grey hair can make you look dull and pale, especially when you are young.

Today, most of the 20-year olds have strands of grey hair, and the reason for the pepper and salt look is due to the pressure and stress that they are under.

Psychologists state that the young generation tend to develop grey hair faster than the older generation, and the reason also being due to the environment and the lifestyle they lead.

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To get rid of the grey hair, following certain home remedies are simply the best. If you apply natural vegetable dyes on your hair, you will be able to get rid of the grey hair strands in no time.

If there is too much to cover up, going in for mehndi or henna is also beneficial, as it will not only cover up the grey but will also help in the growth of your hair.

Applying henna on the hair will also look after your scalp, as the properties present in the leaf will cure your scalp if there are any infections and, at the same time, help to make your hair look naturally gorgeous.

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Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the perfect ways a 20-year-old can get rid of white hair, we think you should take a look at these tips immediately and get working on saving your roots:


Give Your Hair Protection:

Your hair needs a lot of protection in the summer season. If you are stepping out in the sun, wear a hat to protect your tresses. Too much of sunlight will encourage grey hair and increase its production.


Consume B12 Foods:

Oranges, plums, cranberries and avocados are some of the foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Consume these foods daily to see the change in your hair colour. At the same time, it is important to use these foods like hair packs to strengthen your hair and roots.


Oil Thy Locks:

Most of the teenagers are reluctant to oiling their hair, and due to this, they suffer from hair problems like thinning and grey hair. Regular application of olive and coconut oil will help to increase your hair growth and retain the rich natural colour of your hair.


Fall In Love With Henna:

Henna not only protects your hair from whitening, it also prevents your hair from greying in the future. If you are young and want to solve this hair problem for good, henna application is a must.


Treat Your Hair With Conditioners:

Instead of using chemical-based conditioners, it is necessary and important to use homemade conditioners. By using homemade conditioners, you will be able to save your hair from turning grey in the future.


Natural Hair Dyes:

Tea and coffee are considered to be natural hair dyes to get your hair back to its original colour. Boil some tea or coffee powder in water and rinse your hair often with these dyes to colour your hair back.


Vegetable Juices Aid In Better Hair:

If you must know, onion juice is the best medicine you can feed your hair with. Onion juice helps in making your roots stronger and prevents hair from greying in the future. Onion juice also covers up the existing grey hair, making it disappear gradually.

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