Things You Didn't Know About Grey Hair

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Grey hair is a common sight these days. The age for hair greying is no more restricted to a specific age. It is more common these days due to various factors. Hence, one needs to understand the facts that cause grey hair.

While some people love to flaunt their grey strands, others can be very worried about it, as it is a sign of growing old. However, grey strands are not caused only by ageing, there can be other factors causing grey hair too.

To cover the grey hair, most of them try all possible tricks by colouring them or using henna and other artificial products. Instead, knowing the reasons that cause grey hair in the first place can be quite useful.

So, in this article, we are here to share some of the reasons that cause greying of the hair and the measures that you need to take to prevent and delay the greying of hair. Read on to find out.


Normal Ageing

Just like how our skin changes, our hair also starts to change its texture as we grow old. Generally, people start having grey strands at the age of 45-50 years. This is one of the facts about grey hair.


Stress Plays A Role

Stress does not cause greying of hair immediately. Studies have revealed that during stress and illness, the skin and hair are highly affected. There is a lot more of hair fall if the person is stressed. So, avoid being stressed.


Hereditary Factor

A research has revealed that race also does play a vital role in greying of the hair. Caucasians tend to get grey hair at an early age when compared to Asians or Africans.


Race Factor

A research has revealed that race also does play a vital role in greying of hair. Caucasians tend to get at an early age than Asians and Africans.


Plucking One Does Not Increase The Number

This is just a myth, that plucking a strand of grey hair increases the number of grey hair. Each follicle contains one hair and it cannot multiply the hair, instead it can damage the scalp and even stop the hair growth.


Smoking Factor

Smoking is related to premature and early greying of hair. This is one of the main causes for premature greying of hair. This can be handled or delayed when you quit the butt.


Hair Bleaches Itself

A research has also revealed that greying may be due to the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair that causes greying of the hair from inside out. To avoid this, people should make sure that they get a good dose of supplements for the hair.

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