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Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Scratching Your Head

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Knowingly or unknowingly do you have a habit of scratching your head often? This can be due to various reasons. You need to understand that scratching your head often can make you look unhygienic and shabby.

If you are constantly scratching your head, the reason can be more than dandruff-related problem. It is important that you find out and control it before you look like a monkey scratching itself uncontrollably!

Knowing the reasons for a scratchy head or scalp can come in handy to treat this issue from its root cause. Understanding the real reason can also help you curb the problem of an itchy scalp.

Did you know that having anxiety or bacterial infection or even ringworms also causes an itchy scalp? Well, yes it does. There are many such reasons for an itchy scalp. Find them out right here.

In this article, we are here to share some of the reasons as to why you cannot stop scratching your head. So, read on to know more.


Lice Problem

This is one of the main problems for a scratchy scalp. These parasites grow and multiply at a rapid rate and cause discomfort and a ticklish sensation on your scalp. The result therefore is an itchy scalp.



This is another major cause for an itchy head. This itchy feel is so high that you feel you are breeding lice in your hair! Dandruff that is caused can occur even due to pollution and unclean hair.


Dry Scalp

This is the most common reason for an itchy scalp. The skin glands on the head tend to shrink and become scaly due to dry skin. This causes an itchy scalp. To avoid this, make sure you oil your hair every fortnight regularly. This helps to keep your hair healthy as well.


Greasy Scalp

If you think that it's only a dry scalp that causes an itchy head, then you are wrong. There are many chances of a person having an itchy scalp, when one has greasy hair. This causes an accumulation of dirt and grease from the hair on the scalp that causes an itchy sensation.


Hair Products

Experimenting with various hair products can either make your hair dry, fragile or greasy. This can result in affecting the health of your scalp too. To avoid this itchy condition, stop using these chemical laden hair products right away!



There are various infections like eczema, dermatitis, etc, that cause an itchy scalp. Scratching your head constantly can make the situation only worse and lead to bleeding, so make sure you do not touch your scalp or the infected part too much.



Anxiety and stress cause a weaker immune system. Stress increases the sensitivity of the skin. Hence, the scalp becomes more prone to bacteria, fungi, germs and chemicals. This again makes the scalp less stronger and thus results in the condition of an itchy scalp.

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