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What Causes Itchy Ears And How To Treat It?
Our ears are full of sensitive neurological fibres, so it is normal for the ears to itch once in a while. But, frequent itching of the ears is the sign of an underlying medical condition. In this article, we will write ...
Itchy Ears Causes Symptoms How Treat

What Are The Symptoms Of ICP In Pregnancy
Physically speaking, pregnancy is not the best period of a woman's life. There are many aches and pains associated with it that might not be pleasant for the body. While having a little bit of discomfort in this regard is pretty ...
How To Treat Dry Skin On Cheeks?
It is not necessary that dry skin appears only during the winters. Dry skin can also be the result of many other factors. It can appear either on the face or different parts of the body. Dry skin can seem to ...
How To Treat Dry Skin On Cheeks
Easy Homemade Recipes For Itchy Skin
When it comes to skin care, most of the women depend on using homemade recipes to pamper their skin. Whether it is itchy skin or oily skin, using homemade recipes can help to treat the problem easily. For people who have ...
Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Itchy Scalp
It can be really embarrassing if you are suffering from a problem of itchy scalp. You go around everywhere itching your head, which sometimes tends to stink too. By far home remedies are known to work the best in treating itchy ...
Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Itchy Scalp
DIY: Curry Leaves Hair Mask For Itchy Scalp
The dry and itchy scalp has been one of the persistent issues a person suffers from. Due to an extremely cold temperature around, the scalp tends to get dried which may result in itching issues. If you would want to know ...
One Super Home Remedy For Itchy Eyes
You are not able to blink your eyes as you continuously glare at the computer while you work. By the end of the day, your eyes get strained and you have that itching sensation too. So what do you do? If ...
One Super Home Remedy For Itchy Eyes
Reason Why Your Butt Itches
It is normal to suffer from an itch here and there, on different parts of the body, as long as these do not turn into severe infections that cause itchiness. But have you ever felt itchiness in your butt? Read on ...
Boils: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
A boil is a skin ailment that resembles a red lump initially. The skin might itch only when one notices the bump forming; however, it may also not be itchy. As the boil matures, it changes colour and puss is visible. ...
Boils Causes Symptoms And Treatment
DIY: Oatmeal Bath To Cure Skin Allergies
Oatmeal is a wholesome food that contains fibre, calcium and much more of Mother Earth's goodness. Low on calories and high on proteins, these are the perks of consuming this healthy breakfast cereal. This breakfast cereal didn't always receive the limelight ...
Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp?
Does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp? Yes, definitely. There is no second thought about it. From an ancient time, hibiscus flowers and leaves are popular among beauty therapists in several countries. The effectiveness of the hibiscus flower for hair is ...
Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness In Scalp
Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Scratching Your Head
Knowingly or unknowingly do you have a habit of scratching your head often? This can be due to various reasons. You need to understand that scratching your head often can make you look unhygienic and shabby. If you are constantly scratching ...
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