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Does Hibiscus Flower Reduce Itchiness in Scalp?

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp? Yes, definitely. There is no second thought about it. From an ancient time, hibiscus flowers and leaves are popular among beauty therapists in several countries.

The effectiveness of the hibiscus flower for hair is mentioned in the old manuscripts of Ayurveda too. Even the historical accounts of kings and queens in India have shown that hibiscus played an important role in the beauty treatment for hair.

So, if you ask, “does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp?” The answer will always be positive. Itchy scalp is the result of dandruff and dry skin.

Besides, you can have other skin diseases that can cause itching of the scalp. However, if you are suffering from any skin trouble, you should consult a dermatologist before applying any home treatment.

But, to solve your dandruff problem and an itchy scalp, hibiscus can be an effective and easy solution.

Not only for itchy scalp, but hibiscus flowers and leaves are also effective in treating hair loss problem and present you long, strong and bouncy hair, without falling for the false traps of any chemical products.

If you use any herbal oil or shampoo, you can see hibiscus as the key ingredient of it. So, how to use hibiscus flower to reduce itchiness on the scalp and solve other hair problems? Here are the ways. Read on to know more.


Reduces Dandruff:

Does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp? Yes, by reducing dandruff on your scalp. Regular use of hibiscus oil can give you enough relief from the irritation of itchy scalp. Make homemade oil with hibiscus flower, coconut oil, amla and basil leaves. It also helps to get rid of scaly scalp.


Hair Tonic:

You know the usefulness of hibiscus flower to reduce itchiness in scalp. But, do you know this also works as a wonderful hair tonic? Soak hibiscus flowers and leaves in water overnight and make a cold infusion. Use it all over your scalp with a cotton ball as a hair tonic.


Maintains pH Balance

Does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp? Actually, hibiscus flower maintains the pH balance of your scalp and reduces redness, scaling and itching of the scalp. This is how you can use hibiscus flower to reduce itchiness on scalp.


For Hair Growth:

Maybe you don't have the question anymore that, "does hibiscus flower reduce itchiness in scalp?" But, you should know that this flower is a wonderful solution to cover your untimely baldness. Boil the petals of the flower in coconut oil and strain it. Allow it to cool for a while. Apply it 1 hour prior to a shower.


For Strong And Healthy Hair:

Make a paste of hibiscus petals and add curd to make the paste smooth. Apply it on to your scalp and hair thoroughly and wait for half an hour. Weekly use can promote hair growth and give you strong and healthy hair.


Homemade Hibiscus Shampoo:

Boil hibiscus leaves and flowers in 3:1 ratio in a cup of water. Let it come into room temperature. Now, grind those to make a smooth paste. Mix gram flour into it and apply the mixture to wash your hair.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 20:05 [IST]
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