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Reason Why Your Butt Itches

Written By: Staff

It is normal to suffer from an itch here and there, on different parts of the body, as long as these do not turn into severe infections that cause itchiness. But have you ever felt itchiness in your butt? Read on to know more why your butt itches.

If you have a red, scaly and itchy patch on your butt, you are most probably suffering from fungal infection. This is because the butt being a moist place is an ideal place for fungi to grow. You can get it treated with an anti-fungal cream. If it does not work, see a doctor.

Reason Why Your Butt Itches

If you have a butt with painful blisters and it is also red and itchy, it must be herpes. The signs are the same as that of genital and oral herpes. Visit a doctor immediately and go for an anti-viral treatment.

Another reason why your butt itches is when you get red pimple-like growths on your butt and this is due to dead skin cells and bacteria that clog the hair follicles on your butt. This is medically known as folliculitis. You can treat it with benzoyl peroxide and wear cotton clothes that breathe.

Reason Why Your Butt Itches

Your butt can also end up itching if you have psoriasis. If your butt becomes scaly and itchy just above the butt crack, it can be psoriasis. This needs to be treated with steroids and a visit to the dermatologist is a must.

You could be suffering from hemorrhoids if there is itchiness in your anus. The cause is chronic constipation. This ends up affecting the veins in the area causing inflammation, swelling and burning sensations. There are creams available that provide relief but if these do not cure the condition, then a visit to the doctor is necessary.

Reason Why Your Butt Itches

Your butt can also itch because of eczema. This is when your butt turns itchy and scaly with tiny red bumps. Allow your skin in this area to breathe by wearing cotton fabrics. Moisturise the area liberally to treat the condition.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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