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Tricks To Make Your Damaged Hair Look Nice

By Riddhi

Hair damage is something that most women face. And if you don't, well you are extremely lucky. And it actually takes a long time for hair damage to properly heal. How to make damaged hair look nice? Well, these tricks will make your damaged hair always look nice.

Just because your hair is damaged, it does not mean you have to make it look bad. There are some ways in which you can hide the damage. Just be sure you leave the most damaged areas alone. These will definitely take time to heal, as hair grows at a very slow rate.

If you have damaged hair, it'll look dry, brittle and feel rough to touch. And this often shows up and makes your hair look slightly brownish if you have black hair; and if you have brown hair, it can lend your strands a straw-like appearance.

No one really wants hair to look like that, right? So these tips and tricks would help make sure your damaged hair looks its best no matter what. These are all tried-and-tested methods that we've tried on our own hair. Take a look.

1. Braid Curls: Tie your hair in little braids and leave it on overnight. Wake up to amazing, soft curls. Damage does not show that much on curly or wavy hair as much as it does on straight hair.

2. Petroleum Jelly: Run some petroleum jelly over the length of your hair to lend it a nice shine, as we all know that damaged hair does not shine at all and looks really dull. Petroleum jelly is a safe bet to use at such times.

3. Oil: You can even rub a few drops of coconut oil along the length of your hair. This will give your hair nourishment and shine at the same time and help make damaged hair look nice.

4. Stay Away From Heat Styling: Heat styling often makes your hair look shinier, but it can be really damaging in the long run. So, stay away from those straighteners, curlers and blow dryers to keep further damage away.

5. Henna: Henna is like a natural dye for the hair. So, use henna to get your hair back to looking black. It even gives your mane a healthier shine.

6. Don't Colour Your Hair: By all means, stay away from chemical hair dyes. This can dry out your hair even further and make it really bad for the hair in the long run.

7. Comb: Remember to comb your hair very gently with a soft bristled brush every day, in order to prevent your hair from getting ripped apart.

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