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How To Clean Your Hair When You Have A Cold

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Having a cold spells havoc on our appearances. We end up with watery eyes, a red nose, and even peeling, not to mention, scaly skin around the nose because of the tissue rubbing the area, causing too much friction. Cleaning your hair when you have a cold can be exceptionally cumbersome.

Who would want to leave the comfort of their beds to go and pour water over themselves when their entire universe is spinning because of a cold? However, sometimes, it becomes absolutely imperative to wash our hair, even when we have a cold.

No matter what kind of hair you have, three to four days after washing it, your hair would definitely get oily. And oilier hair attracts even more dirt and grime. So, it's like, the more you leave it, the more disgusting the hair would get.

There are things like dry shampoos available in the markets today, and thank god for them! What they do is absorb the oil from your scalp and ensure that the hair does not attract any more dust. They smell fresh too.

But, in case a dry shampoo doesn't work, or simply if you don't have access to any, follow these tips to get clean hair when you have a cold!

1. No Oiling: Remember that oiling your hair is not really important when you have a cold, as your scalp has already produced enough oil during the time it was left without washing. It is also believed that oiling your hair would actually make the cold worse. Yes, this happens.

how to clean hair when you have a cold

2. Hot Water: When you wash your hair, remember to use warm water, more towards the hot side, as opposed to cold water. Because obviously, warm water would soothe you in your cold state.

how to clean hair when you have a cold

3. No Hair Masks: Using a hair mask is an absolute no no for when you have a cold. With hair masks, you have to sit for at least 10-20 minutes with the product in your hair, and this could make the cold a lot more worse.

how to clean hair when you have a cold

4. Blow Dry: And lastly, remember to blow dry your hair. Heat styling is not encouraged for when you can avoid it, but when you have a cold, it becomes a must. The cold would get a lot worse if you let your hair air dry. So, follow these tips on how to clean hair when you have a cold and remember to take ample rest.
how to clean hair when you have a cold

Hope these tips help you for the next time you have a cold!

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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