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8 Natural Ways To Relax Your Hair With Love & Care

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It is important to relax your hair every week with the help of home remedies. Using natural ingredients in your hair will only help to make the roots thicker and stronger.

Oils like coconut oil and olive oil, when massaged on to the scalp, will in no time help to get rid of any scalp infection or hair problem.

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At the same time, rinsing your hair twice in a week in the summer is important as well, as this habit helps to decrease problems like hair fall and an itchy scalp, which can lead to hair loss and dandruff.

Experts also advice that in summer, one must not scratch an itchy scalp, as it will give rise to fungal infections and this in turn will reduce the chance of promoting better hair growth.

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So, to relax your hair this summer, pamper your locks with love and care. Here are 8 perfect ways to look after your scalp and those long lovely tresses, take a look:


Rinse Your Locks With Cold Water:

Relax your hair by rinsing your tresses with cold water. Cold water helps to add volume to your hair and helps to get rid of an oily scalp too.


Massage Your Scalp:

Massage your scalp twice in a week, especially in the summer. By massaging your scalp, blood circulation increases, which in turn helps the hair to relax.


Moisturise Your Curls:

Never leave your curls dry, as it can lead to hair fall and dry hair. Pamper your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, but make sure it is gentle on the hair.


Wash Well With Rose Water:

Nourish your hair with a rose water rinse at least twice in a week. Rose water will help to encourage your hair to grow and, at the same time, it will prevent premature greying of hair.


Avoid The Hot Temperature:

Blow dryers, hair curlers and straighteners can cause a major damage to the scalp as well as to the roots of the hair. Avoid using too much of heat in your scalp. Allow it to relax in the hot season.


Protect Your Hair From The Sun:

Never step out into the sun without a hat. The harmful rays of the sun can destroy your roots and cause split ends to occur in abundance.


Fall In Love With Cool Masks:

Cool hair masks are good and very essential for the roots. Hair masks that contain natural ingredients like cucumber juice and onion juice can help keep your hair perfect and away from all sorts of hair problems.


Never Forget The Oils:

Olive oil, coconut oil and other herbal oils help to nourish the scalp and promote better hair growth. Pamper and help your hair to relax in the summer.

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