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Benefits Of Onion And Honey For Hair Care

By: Akila Seetharam Indurti

Widely cultivated and most versatile, onion can be used in myriad ways in the kitchen. It can be had either raw or cooked, sautéed, pureed, diced, sliced, grated and chopped and it is sure to add its flavour to any given dish.

If you think it is limited only to culinary use, then think again. There are studies to prove its efficacy be it in hair or skin care. It is known to be an excellent hair mask that can keep hair loss at bay.

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The other innumerable uses of this veggie is that it can be used as a moth repellant, it is a favourite with biology teachers to show off the cells, it can be rubbed on to the skin to prevent insect bites, it can be used to polish glass when boiled with water

Also, it can be sprayed as a pesticide on plants, rubbed on to the face to reduce freckles and can be applied on to the scalp to increase hair growth. That’s quite a lot of benefits for a humble bulb, isn't it?

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It is not just the mundane that think of onions, poets have been inspired by it too. 'Life is like an onion: you peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it’ claims James Huneker, an American theatre critic.

In this article, let us see how it reduces hair loss to a large extent.


Onion For Hair Loss

Using it for regenerating hair growth is not just an old wives tale. Hormonal imbalances, ageing, use of medicines, weather, etc, are some of the reasons why hair fall occurs in most of us. It is good to use a natural remedy to stimulate hair growth and also prevent further loss of hair.


How Does Onion Help?

Rich in minerals and nutrients, onion juice nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth in the scalp. Results may not be instantaneous, but it may require sustained and prolonged use. Yet, it is better than using harsh chemicals on the hair that more often have side effects.


Extracting The Onion Juice

Grate the onions. Squeeze the juice from the grated onion using a cheese cloth. Or better still, put the onions in a blender and extract the juice.


Check For Allergies

Hair can be treated with onion juice and by combining it with other ingredients. But, it is best to test once and see if there are any individual allergies occurring due to its application.



Apply it on to the scalp. It is best to start by leaving it on the hair for just 30 minutes. In case of any irritation or itching, wash it off immediately. After applying, you can wrap a shower cap or towel around to help in better absorption. Rinse hair after the stipulated time with a mild shampoo. Duration depends on each individual's type of hair to start seeing the results.


Onion And Honey

While the extract can be applied all by itself, onion juice with honey makes for a great recipe in improving and nourishing hair growth. How many ever products are there on the supermarket shelf advertising their potential, the DIY stuff always scores high, as there are no side effects and no toxins getting into the system after their use.


Onion And Honey Recipe For Lustrous Hair Growth

Thinning hair can be managed by applying some onion juice added to honey. Two spoons of honey to the juice of one medium-sized onion can be applied on to the scalp. You can leave it overnight or can wait for an hour before washing it off. This can be done once in a week, and there are many who say they have got lustrous hair after a few months of its sustained use.

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Story first published: Friday, April 1, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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