Tips To Avoid Frizz In Curly Hair

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Curly hair is attractive, and full of oomph. But if you don’t take care of them properly, curly hair can become a nightmarish experience. Your hair texture changes for worse and your mane becomes too frizzy to handle.

8 Easy Ways To Prevent Tangled Hair

But having a frizzy hair is not fun. The key to a frizz free curly hair is to keep it moisturised. Because if you don’t moisturise it, will become even more frizzy by absorbing excessive moisture from the air around. But don’t fret, we have some pro tips in our arsenal on how to tame that frizzy hair

Simple Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Today, we at Boldsky will tell you some tips to make you swashbuckling and on fleek every time you step out.


Love Thy Conditioner

Those with curly hair know that it is your best friend as it has almost magical ability to prevent your hair from turning into a mop of curl after every wash. Dab some conditioner and rinse it after every wash. To keep fizziness at bay, go for a leave in conditioner. Use alcohol free products to prevent your hair from drying.


Avoid Excessive Hot Hair Treatments

That perfectly straight hair is every curly girls dream but excessive use of curling irons or straighteners can make your hair brittle which causes them to break too often. Best option is to avoid using too much of hot hair treatments.


Massage Regularly

Hot oil massages can be tedious but it is your best defence against frizz. Massage your curly mane twice a week for frizz free hair. Leave overnight or oil it before an hour or two to avoid frizz.


Style It Right For Monsoons

If you dread leaving your long hair open in humid weathers due to the fear of fizziness, then you can style it into a bun and voila, it is as chic as it can get. During humid weathers, go for lobs or bobs which are easy to manage and sre also uber chic.


Avoid Too Much Styling Products

Using too much of styling products like hair serum or gel can make your hair sticky. It is best to avoid too many styling products and keep your hair au natural when the humidity is too much.


Eat Right

Secret to healthy, shiny and flake free hair is to eat right. It is said we are what we eat. Include lots of fruits, vegetables in your diet to get healthy hair. Drink lots of water which will keep your hair hydrated and fuss free.


Stay Hydrated

Your hair becomes frizzy when it is devoid of natural oils. A trip to the beach or pool can further aggravate this situation. Hair becomes frizzy when the cuticles are not smooth. A frizzy hair soaks all the moisture in the air like a sponge. Avoid using shampoo with alcohol as it makes your hair dry quite fast.

Follow these simple tips and tricks for frizz free beautiful curly mane.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 22:04 [IST]
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