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Myths That You Should Avoid To Get Shiny Locks

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Who wouldn’t want shiny and beautiful hair? Almost all of us goe green with envy on spotting somebody with beautiful locks. Many of you would have wondered what is it that blesses some of us with gorgeous locks? Is it the genes, food habits or some special treatment?

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Ever wondered why your hair isn’t at its gleaming best despite all the efforts and treatments? Why your hair loses its lustre just a few days after the parlour appointment? You will be shocked that there are so many haircare habits we are used to, that can turn our hair into a lifeless mess.

Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out

Today, we at Boldsky will decode myths that are causing a dent in our beauty. By ditching some of these habits we are sure that you will be able to amp up the lustre of your tresses. Here is how you can get those shiny and gorgeous tresses too. So, stop envying and start reading:


The More You Brush The Shinier Your Hair Will Be

Yes, we all have heard this line. And most of us are guilty of over brushing our hair too. But, did you know over brushing can turn our hair dull and lifeless?

All our hair needs is afew gentle strokes to spread the natural oil from the tip to the end. According to the scientists, anything more just creates unnecessary fiction and leads to hair breakage.


Shampoo It Daily

Pollution, humidity and dust often make our hair dull and dirty. To get rid of the dirt, most of us shampoo and condition our hair daily. But according to experts, this is one of the main reasons that stop you from getting shiny hair. Hair experts say, our hair looks and feels best when the natural oil from tips reaches to the ends. To get shiny hair, one must shampoo only every alternate day or thrice in a week with a mild shampoo.


Combing Wet Hair

Most of us lead a hectic life which makes it difficult to spare a lot of time for hair care. In a hurry to get ready, we tend to comb wet hair. Agreed wet hair is easier to detangle and manage but it also very fragile, and brushing it while it is wet can cause breakage. Experts advise to smooth out knots first with a detangler. Wet hair is fragile and should be treated with utmost care.


Blow Drying Straight Out Of Shower

If you want shiny and gleaming tresses, this is one habit you should ditch right now. Blow drying your dripping wet hair will cause a lot of damage to your mane. Experts suggest the use of hair dryer on a damp hair for a maximum of 20 minutes. Coat your hair with a heat protection serum to protect your hair from the damage caused by hot air.


Not Trimming It Enough

Split ends make your hair dull and lifeless. If you are growing your locks, you are often tempted to skip trimming. I know I am, for the fear of cutting it too much. Hair experts say that to keep your hair at its shiny best, you must keep the ends trimmed. More split ends leads to more breakage and dull lifeless hair.


Using Too Many Products

Who doesn't like those perfect beach waves or that beautiful shiny poker straight mane? But we all know, to get these magnificent tresses one must use a lot of conditioner, voluminzers and sprays. However, there is a hitch to it. Using too many products can take away the shine from your locks

So avoid these habits and get shiny hair.

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Story first published: Friday, October 23, 2015, 16:03 [IST]
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