Easy Tips To Prevent Greasy Hair

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Greasy hair during summers is a problem faced by most of us. We often notice that our hair has become oily even after a hair wash. All the efforts applied on washing your hair, conditioning it and styling it goes in vain when you find your hair strands to be greasy. If you are tired of greasy hair and want your hair to flaunt beautifully even in summers, try these natural ways to prevent your hair from becoming oily.

Hair wash: This is one of the most important tips to prevent your hair from becoming greasy. If your hair texture is oily then prevent the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands. Overactive sebaceous oil makes the hair oily. Thus, wash your hair every alternate day. It keeps the scalp clean and also suppresses the overactive sebaceous glands.

Prevent Greasy Hair

Pick the right shampoo: Make sure that the shampoo you pick is meant for oily hair. Most of the hair shampoos available these days have moisture content that makes your hair look oily. So, avoid using hydrating and moisturising shampoos in order to prevent greasy hair.

Stop touching your hair: Girls have a common habit of playing with their hair. Even you might love to do the same but, the oil on hands can settle on your hair making it look greasy. So, avoid touching your hair frequently. And use a clean comb to keep your hair and scalp clean.

Cover when out: Pollution and sun can cause much damage to your hair. Dust can make your clean hair look greasy. To prevent your hair from sun damage and greasy look, use a scarf or hat to cover the hair.

Sweating?: Do you sweat a lot? If so, then this can be another reason of why your hair becomes greasy so easily. Sweat can easily make your hair greasy. Wash your hair the everyday so that the scalp cleans up.

Apply lemon: Lemon prevents your hair from becoming greasy. Mix lemon juice with yogurt; apply it and leave for 30 minutes before washing your hair. Lemon decreases the sebaceous oil which make your scalp oily and also prevents greasy dandruff.

Avoid mousse or serum: These hair products can make your hair oilier. Serum helps manage your hair and set the hairstyle. But, if you apply serum or mousse, the hair becomes oily and sticky. Thus, limit the usage of serum or mousse if you have oily hair.

To prevent greasy hair, keep your hair and scalp clean. Drink lots of water and include green veggies in your diet.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 12:32 [IST]
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