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5 Celeb Hairstyles To Flaunt Gray Hair!

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Gray Hair
Gray hair is a rude reminder of age. As soon as we see that strand of a gray hair, our instant reaction is to cover it up. But, the elegance this colour can bring to your hair can never be achieved by any other hair colour. Many celebrities have flaunted gray as their hairstyle.

Here are 5 of the best gray hairstyles that celebs have opted. With some of the below hairstyle tips from celebrities you can welcome gray hair.

5 Famous Gray Hairstyles Opted By Celebs:

Meryl Streep in Whacky Bob: The Devil wears Prada and the lady wears gray in style. If there was a well personified example of aging, then it would be the lady. Meryl Streep's super sexy asymmetrical bob-cut in the movie 'Devil Wears Prada' still leaves people breathless. While the short length of her hair helped her look younger, the shining silver curls gave her hair enough volume she needed for such a dominating character.

Helen Mirren in Soft Blunt: What came first, gray hairstyles or Helen Mirren? Helen Mirren has become synonymous with the concept of carrying gray hair gracefully. Her soft and rounded hairstyle is a longer version of the blunt cut with side fringes. It is the lustrous quality of her hair that makes this haircut look more glamorous.

Jamie Lee Curtis in The Pixie: Jame Lee Curtis, at 54 still sports this seemingly masculine hairstyle with oomph. From the time we saw her romancing Pierce Brosnan in 'Tailor of Panama' her hair has remained cropped with a sex appeal. The gray streaks in it just made her look hotter. She is not just aging well but, aging in a 'red hot' way.

Blythe Danner: Ben Stiller was not far off the mark when he claimed to have 'hot fantasies' about his mother-in-law (Blythe Danner) in the movie 'Meet the Fockers'. This celebrity's hairstyle is accentuated by gray is mixed with some remnant blonde. Her gold and silver locks fall just below her shoulders. The slightly longer length helps her in showing better volume to her hair.

Nicole Kidman: It may not be her age to flaunt gray hairstyles but, she shocked the world by baring gray hair roots on the red carpet. She had pulled her hair back into a bun, displaying her gray at the roots of her hair. It earned her the wrath of the fashion police but, it was a brave attempt at aging well.

If you have started going gray then, you could pick any of these celebrity hairstyles to look attractive with gray hair. You can also create new gray hairstyles of your own.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 7, 2012, 11:02 [IST]
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