The Best Hairstyles To Seduce Him!

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Seductive Hairstyles
The best hairstyles are those that get you what you want. It a commonly know fact that when women get haircuts they can immediately get attention. The more drastic the change the more attention you get. So to be seductive and allure the guy of your choice as soon as possible get one of these haircuts that can be defined as 'hot'. Trust me, there is no faster and more immediate method to grab his eyeballs.

Here are the best hairstyles to fulfill your purpose when it comes to getting hooked.

Best Hairstyles To Seduce Your Man:

1. Bouncy Steps: Men simply hate flat hair. You think that your long locks will lure him into the net of your love but when he looks at you he will see only 'tangles'. So to be seductive you need a hairstyle that is bouncy. Most women are scared to chop off your long hair. You do not have to. Just get really short and overlapping steps or layers starting from your crown. It will give your hair the much needed volume. Kirsten Stewart's new hairstyle does that for her.

2. Long Fringes: Live on the fringe, men love it. They also love hair that falls all over your eyes and face. It may be irritating you but it is seducing for them . If you have plain straight hair to decent enough volume then the bets hairstyle for you is to get a layer of really long fringes cut cut out to fall over your forehead covering most of your eyes.

3. The Messy Look: If you man is messy he might find the messy look which is a raging hairstyle trend interesting. You can get messy in lot of ways but an expert tip here would be to get a short and messy haircuts. Women's haircuts with long hair make you look rather untidy and unkempt; definitely not the right way to grab his attention when he looks at you and thinks 'has she taken a bath'.

4. Cute But Not So Innocent: Men like to think that their girlfriend is the most innocent creature on this planet. Whats the harm in keeping up pretenses, you can get a really cute look with a longish boy cut or a perfect blunt cut like the one Katie Holmes is sporting these days after becoming the mother of a 5 year old. It is a girlie haircut for women but it will surely make him fall!

5. Be Professional: Most guys have a huge crush on there alpha woman lady boss. You can make him live his fantasy by getting a really professional hair cut. Shoulder length hair pulled back into a beehive or a french roll can look very cut throat corporate. Not the most ethical but one the most fool proof ways to get him.

These are the best hairstyles that can help you be seductive and win your man. Unleashing your charms with these fashion tips for women.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 17:04 [IST]
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