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Top 5 Natural Hair Colour Recipes

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Hair Color
We often find women happy with the henna colour on their hair but unfortunately the bright red looks awful simply because it is not the colour for the Indian complexion and skin tone. It looks scary although the colour is natural. Today, we shall discuss on the ways to use henna and the different natural hair colour recipes. We will also discuss about regaining the old shine. Here is a brief.

Natural Hair Colours And Recipes

Best Herbal Hair Dyes For Black Hair

1. Henna, Curry Leaves and Gingelly Oil – Boil gingelly oil and add curry leaves. Leave the oil mixture for two days. Whenever you plan to colour hair, add henna to the mixture and boil again. Apply this to the hair and wait for the colour to settle on the hair strands (at least 2 hours) and take a hot oil bath using a shikakai or shampoo.

2. Henna & Castor Oil – In a iron pan, heat the oil and henna mixture. Leave it in a corner for few days (until the oil turns black in the pan). Apply the natural hair colour and rinse well with warm water. Castor also thickens the hair.

Best Herbal Hair Dyes For Brown Hair

1. Henna & Coffee Decoction – Applying henna mixed with coffee decoction will give a natural brown colour to the hair.

2. Henna & Beetroot Juice – The powder can be made a paste using beetroot juice and this gives a beautiful burgundy shade with shine to the hair.

3. Henna, Curd, Lemon & Tea Liquor – This gives a reddish brown shade to the hair. Curd acts like a conditioner, lemon rinses scalp and retains the herbal hair dye for long.

These natural hair colour recipes are safe for all ages and helps in maintaining the god given beauty forever.

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Story first published: Monday, September 12, 2011, 14:47 [IST]
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