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Hair Colouring: Everything You Need To Know

Colouring the hair has become a trend these days. It definitely makes a statement. You might want to colour your hair too, but it seems kind of daunting.

Hair colouring can raise a lot of questions in our minds, especially if we're doing it for the first time. We aren't sure whether it's safe or not, what are the precautions you need to take and so on. We want to do it but we are scared of it. That's because we don't know much about it. And the unawareness makes it more intimidating.

If you are also someone with these questions, then we have the answers for you. Here's what you need to know before colouring your hair.

What You Need To Know about Hair Coloring

1. Do your research

It is important to do proper research before you colour your hair. Don't just go blindly into it. Do your research and figure out whether it is for you or not. Look into it and decide what colour you want your hair to be. It can be tricky but you need to be sure about your choice. Gather some references to take to your stylist.

Next, you need to look for a good stylist. Research about the stylists available in your area, their experience and any reviews about them, if you can find them. You'll find plenty of information on the internet. A good stylist will enhance your experience much more.

2. Consultation with the stylist

Once you've done your research, don't just directly go for it. Book a consultation with the stylist. Go and have a chat with them. Tell them what you've in mind. This becomes even more important when you're colouring your hair for the first time. You need to be sure about your preferences and you need to listen to what the stylist suggests you. Pay heed to their suggestions as they are the ones with the experience.

Let them have a look at the references you have gathered and then decide if they're the one for you.

3. You need to be flexible

Most often than not, you won't exactly get the results as you'd envisioned. You need to keep this in mind and be a little flexible. That's why it is very important to talk to your stylist so that you aren't disappointed later.

Be specific about the colour of your choice and prepare for the outcomes. Only your stylist can give you a heads-up for that.

4. Apply a hair mask before you colour the hair

The day before you go to colour your hair, make sure to apply a nourishing hair mask to your hair. Hair colour tends to dry out your hair. So applying a hair mask becomes very important. It hydrates your hair and prepares them for the harsh procedure ahead.

5. Hair dye might irritate your skin

Hair dye usually contains a lot of chemicals and your skin might have a reaction to them. It is advisable to do a 24-hour patch test before you dye your hair to see if the hair dye suits your skin.

6. Your hair texture might change

The chemicals present in the hair dye may change in your hair texture. Hair colouring usually makes your hair manageable and easy to style. It may also add volume to your hair.

7. You would need to change your shampoo and conditioner

You can't keep using your regular shampoo and conditioner after you've coloured your hair. This is because of the chemicals included in the hair dyes. You need to shift to shampoo and conditioner that are suitable for the colour-treated hair.

8. Shampoo your hair as and when you wish

Many of us might have heard that after you colour your hair, you need to wait 3 or 4 days to shampoo your hair. Don't pay attention to that. It won't make any difference. You can shampoo the hair the very next day, if you want to. Your colour won't fade away that easily.

9. It might be difficult to get your original colour back

This is a big thing for many of us. Keep in mind that if you colour your hair, you may not be able to get your original hair colour back. To get that you need to wash off the colour you applied.

A major thing you should know is that bleaching can badly affect your hair. Bleaching is the process to remove the colour from your hair. It is not something that is recommended by many. So while getting a dark colour done won't affect your hair that badly, removing that colour will.

10. You need to protect your hair from the sun

Sun can be harmful to your hair, especially after you do a hair treatment. So protect your hair from the sun as it might lead to fading of hair colour. Use a scarf or a hat whenever you step out in the sun.

11. You need to protect your hair from pool water

The hair dye has chemicals in it and so does the pool. The pool water contains a chemical called chlorine and it might react badly to the chemicals present in your hair. You need to stay away from the pool water. You can also use a shower cap to protect the hair from the pool water.

12. Consider your finances

Colouring your hair can turn out to be an expensive feat. Keep this factor in mind before you decide anything. The expense may differ according to the length and volume of your hair. So you need to confirm with the stylist how much is it going to cost for your hair. Moreover, you need proper maintenance of your hair afterwards and that will also be an added expense. So, do consider all these before colouring your hair.

Benefits Of Hair Colouring

  • It plumps up the hair.
  • It adds shine to the hair.
  • It adds an oomph factor to your appearance.
  • The new colour might suit you better than your original one.
  • If done right, it makes your hair strong.
  • It makes the hair smooth.

Side Effects Of Hair Colouring

  • Permanent hair colours contain chemicals like ammonia and peroxide that can lead to the discolouration of the natural hair colour.
  • The chemical present in the hair dye may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Hair dyes aggravate asthma.
  • It can lead to conjunctivitis.
  • Permanent hair dyes can cause fertility issues in both men and women.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance.
  • It can cause your hair to lose its lustre.
  • It may lead to hair fall.
  • Some chemicals found in hair dyes can cause cancer.

Tips To Remember

  • Refrain from using harsh shampoos after the hair treatment. It might damage your hair.
  • Do not ever forget to condition your hair.
  • Let your hair air dry. Refrain from using too much heat to style your hair.
  • Go for highlighting your strands, if you're not too sure about colouring your whole hair.
  • Get it done by a professional, instead of doing it at home.
  • Consider your skin tone before deciding on the colour.
  • If you want to go for a red, keep in mind that red is a difficult colour to maintain.
  • Refrain from using permanent hair dyes. Instead, opt for temporary or semi-permanent hair dyes.
  • Make sure to use the hair colour that doesn't include many harmful chemicals.
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