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Hair Restoration In A Unique Way!

By Staff
For those who suffer from hair loss, Dr.Rajesh Rajput comes up with a unique way of hair restoration. Dr Rajesh Rajput, Consultant Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai is the Pioneer of Cyclical Medicine for hair loss treatment without side effects.

He is not only the Vice President of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons India but also the First member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, USA and a Life member of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, IAAPS and Plastic Surgeons of India, APSI.

Cyclical Hair Treatment stops hair fall, induces new hair growth, uses medicines once in three days, reduces cost of medication and guarantees no side effects. Natural Hair growth cycle is of 4 months. Any therapy must act in one cycle. Cyclical Treatment controls hair fall in 2 months and improves hair growth in 4 months. Cyclical Medicine is effective at all ages and all grades of hair loss. It can be planned for Androgenic Alopecia, Heredity Hair loss, Hormonal Hair loss, Post Pregnancy Hair loss, Male pattern hair loss and Female pattern hair loss with re growth of 30% or more of the lost hair.

With the success of Cyclical Hair Treatment anybody below age of 23 years or not having hair loss beyond Grade III is refused for hair transplant surgery.Dr. Rajput has special expertise in restoration of eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard for patients with burns, Hanson's disease, trauma, cancer excision, cleft lip etc. With 15 years of experience, he has performed over 1000 transplant procedures for patients from all over the world with guaranteed 95% success rate.

He plans the hairline, defines layout and implants the grafts personally, this is not left to technicians and nurses as is customary in many western centers. He has a specially formulated local anesthesia to make the procedure painless. His treatment assures no swelling, no scar, no tight bands, and careful ledge border with the latest, stitchless, tricophytic closure technique. In case of weak, thin slow growing hair, pre-conditioning of the hair, control of hair loss and strengthening roots with 2-4 months of cyclical medicine before surgery ensures good results.

He ensures the use of cold packs, pain control vibrators and extra fine needles for painless procedure and microsurgery instruments for delicate handling and minimizing injury to the follicles. The procedure is placed in a 130 bedded Dr L H Hiranandani hospital with ICU and all emergency care under one roof with dedicated hair transplant room, temperature and humidity control, ergonomically designed cutting platform, cold lights, reclining chair for patient comfort, ceiling lights with heat filters, preventing any damage to the grafts.

Dr Rajesh Rajput has attempted to educate hair loss patients to understand their problem, clear the myths associated with the causes of hair loss and the treatment of hair loss and provide clinically visible benefits in 2 – 4 months starting the medication. First time the response and improvement in hair growth has been documented by computerized Folliscopic counts of the density per square centimeter and the thickness of the hair measured in microns, clearly showing the percentage improvement achieved every 2 months.

Dr. Rajesh Rajput was the first Indian scientist to make his own artificial hair from polyamide (nylon) and PBT. He presented his work on artificial fibers with 1 year follow up at the Japan Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons in June 1998. The work highlighted the problems and pitfalls of artificial hair implants.

He has won several awards and appreciation for his work. To list a couple of them:

  • Best Research Paper Award from Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, in Sept. 1994.
  • Best Research Paper Award for Sugarcane Crushing Machine Injuries of the Hand from the Association of
  • Plastic Surgeons of India, in Sept. 1994.
  • Invited Speaker by the Indian Dietetics Association, for Lecture on The Role of Liposuction and
    Lipectomy in the Management of Obesity, at Mumbai, in June 1995.
  • Invited Speaker by National Plasma Fractionation Center, KEM Hospital to present the 3-year research
    work on Clinical Applications of Fibrin Glue, at Mumbai, in Sept. 1999.
  • Appreciated by Health Ministry of Gujarat for Leprosy Deformity Correction Camps, in Jan 1999.
  • Appointed Tutor by The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, for Basic Surgical Skills Course.
  • Invited Speaker by The 9th Asia Pacific Congress of The International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, for Cyclical Hairloss Medicine, Clinical Applications of Follicular Unit Micrografting and Live Video of Implanting by ' Stick & Place Technique' at Taj Mumbai, March 2005.
  • He was a first ranker in Bombay University in M. Ch. Plastic Surgery – April 1994 and a lecturer in Plastic Surgery, Sir J J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, June 94 – May 96.
  • Story first published: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 13:46 [IST]
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