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7 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

We take all the measures we can to get smooth, flawless skin. Lips aren't much of a concern for us until they start to chap or turn dark. Pink, luscious lips add to our charm but as they start to turn dark, it makes us conscious. And how to we usually deal with this issue? With a bold lip shade, of course. A.dark lipstick can cover the issue but not treat it.

Instead of covering lips, use these simple and effective tips to bring back the colour, shine and glow to your lips and your smile.


Check What You Put On Your Lips

Do you ever pay attention to what you put on your lips? There is a myriad of lip-enhancing products available today. From lipstick to lip balms and lips gloss, there are tons of ways to get those pouty and sultry lips. You will also find lip plumping lipsticks on the market. And we subject our lips to all these without a single thought. It is a bad idea. These products contain chemicals, some may be too harsh for your lips and that might just be the reason for your lips turning dark.

Check all the lip products you own. Throw out the expired ones and the ones that contain petroleum jelly, mineral oil, parabens, oxybenzone, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). We cannot stress enough on how important it is for you to know your ingredients. Go for lip balms and lipsticks with natural and organic formulation.


Use A Sun Block On The Lips

Sun protection is vital not just for your skin but for your lips as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun can make your lips dry, dehydrated and dark. These are exactly the things you want to protect your lips from. Get a lip balm with an SPF in it. You will find plenty. In fact, if you can get lipsticks with SPF as well. This will prevent your lips from the sun damage while making you look beautiful.

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Keep Your Lips Moisturised

Dehydrated lips have a higher chance of turning dark. The parched lips become chapped and you constantly feel a tog on your lips. In time, it shapes into pigmented lips. Like your skin, your lips need to be moisturised to be healthy. So, keep a lip balm in handy and keep reapplying it throughout the day.


Scrub Them Regularly

You might not know this but your lips need to be scrubbed off to keep them healthy. Thanks to all the dead skin cells and chemical build-up, your chapped and dry lips have been screaming for exfoliation for a while. And with all the lip scrubs flooding the market, it isn't difficult to get baby soft and pink lips. If you have run out of your lip scrub, after brushing the teeth use your toothbrush to gently exfoliate the lips.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the major reasons for dark and dehydrated lips. If you are a regular smoker, your lips are sure to turn dark eventually. It is inevitable. While the effects of smoking are almost irreversible, it can be prevented if you stop in time. If you have just noticed your lips becoming chapped and dark, we suggest you stop smoking immediately to prevent further damage.

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Keep A Check On Your Diet

Our outer appearance has a lot to do with our diet. The better our diet the great our skin, lips and hair look. So, if there is a lot of junk, oily and high sugar foods, and alcohol in your diet, it might be the reason for your dark lips. So, evaluate your diet and include lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Drinking lots of water also helps a great deal.


Stop Biting Or Licking Your Lips

Biting and licking the lips is such a deeply-engraved habit that we don't even notice we're doing it. When we are nervous, anxious or deep in concentration, we tend to lick our lips unconsciously. We do not need to tell you how bad a habit is that for your lips. The digestive enzymes in your saliva wipe out the topmost protective layer of your skin and expose your lips to damage. So, if you find yourself biting or licking your lips, stop immediately.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 15:35 [IST]
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