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Priyanka Chopra's DIY Answers For Monsoon And Winter Beauty Problems

Priyanka Chopra Jonas just had her first trip to India in three years. Between advocating for the welfare of women and girls as the UNICEF ambassador, debuting her haircare brand Anomaly and multiple meetings and promotions, PeeCee's assertive and chic style was something that really stood out.

Priyanka Chopras DIY Answers For Monsoon And Winter Beauty Problems

Now back home with her little bundle of joy in LA, Priyanka often talks about her skincare and haircare routines. The Desi Girl has always been a staunch advocate of DIY nicks, which are mostly comprised of humble ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric etc. - meaning; we can all take a page out of her skincare/haircare book, that is.

Today, we will take a look into Priyanka Chopra's DIY answers for monsoon and winter beauty problems.

DIY Answers For Monsoon And Winter Beauty Problems

1. Sea salt scrub for dry lips

With the cold season comes cracked, dry skin. "As you can tell, my lips are one of my most prominent features," says Chopra to Vogue.

Using sea salt, pure glycerine, and rose water PeeCee rubs it on her lips in a scrubbing motion before wiping it off. The result will be plumper, pinker, and smoother lips.

Priyanka Chopras DIY Answers For Monsoon And Winter Beauty Problems

Here's how you can make a sea salt scrub for dry lips:

  • Mix together sea salt, glycerine and rose water until well combined.
  • Store in a sealed jar in a cool location until ready for use.
  • When using, scoop out the desired amount and scrub it onto chapped lips.
  • Scrub the lips softly in a circular motion and wipe off.
  • Use once a day.

2. Ubtan body scrub - bye bye, ashy skin

"It's an exfoliator, hydrator. It moisturises and heals," Priyanka said in an interview with Vogue.

Ubtan is composed of milk or milk powder, gram flour, almond powder, turmeric, milk cream, lemon juice, and rose water. Priyanka Chopra's recipe for body scrub calls for gram flour mixed with lemon juice, yoghurt, sandalwood, and turmeric, as well as milk, to thin out the mixture.

Priyanka Chopras DIY Answers For Monsoon And Winter Beauty Problems

Chopra recommends that those with oily skin swap the full-fat Greek yoghurt for a low-fat or no-fat alternative. "You put it on your whole body, and then just hang out and let it dry," said Malti Marie's mumma.

Here's how you can make ubtan body scrub for winter skin:

  • Take the desired amount of gram flour, add lemon juice and mix well to make a paste.
  • Add yoghurt, sandalwood, and turmeric to the mix.
  • Now add some milk to make it a bit watery but not too watery.
  • Apply the paste to your body, let it dry and wash it off.
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