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A Quick And Easy Home-made Olive Oil Body Wash

Body Wash Homemade DIY: घर पर इन चार चीज़ों से बनाएं बॉडी वॉश | Boldsky

A hot and relaxing shower after a long day at work sounds amazing, doesn't it? And a shower gel or a body wash can enhance your bathing experience. Trust me! Most of us use soaps and don't bother much about the shower gels. Some of us haven't even tried them yet, right? Let me tell you that you're missing out on an amazing experience. Shower gels can give you such an amazing aromatic experience that you would want to go back to them.

Whether you refrain from using them because they aren't exactly pocket-friendly or you are completely unaware of them, we've got you covered. Or if you just want to try something new, you'll get that too here. Today, we are here to tell you about a home-made body wash that is made up of natural ingredients that you can whip out in the comfort of your home, without much fuss. It is pocket-friendly, skin friendly and will give you the same amazing experience as any other shower gel, in fact, better than that.

The body wash we're going to make today has olive oil at its centre. And if you're wondering why is that, we'll tell you that and then some more. Read on and find out!

Why Use Olive Oil

Olive oil moisturises your skin and deeply nourishes it. It has antioxidants that help to fight free radical damage and maintain healthy skin. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep microbes away and soothe the skin. It has anti ageing properties that help prevent premature ageing and reduce the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. [1] , [2] All these make olive oil an ideal ingredient to include in your skin care. In fact, olive oil is included in many skin care products that we use.

Olive Oil Body Wash


  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup raw honey
  • 1/3 cup liquid castile soap
  • A few drops of essential oil

How to make the body wash

  • Add olive oil and essential oil in a bowl. Mix them well.
  • Add honey and liquid soap and give it a good mix.
  • Now transfer this mixture to a glass jar and secure it with a lid.
  • Store in a cool place away from the sunlight.
  • You can also store this in a pump-top bottle for convenience.

How to use

  • Shake it well before you use it.
  • Take a small amount of this body wash on a loofah.
  • Rub it on your body to work up a lather.
  • Wash it off later.
  • Use this daily for an amazing shower experience.

Benefits of Raw honey

Honey moisturises your skin. [3] It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and thus helps to cleanse the skin. It also contains antioxidants that fight free radical damage and protect the skin. [4] It has antiageing properties and helps to fight signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Liquid castile soap

Liquid soap has antimicrobial properties [5] that help to keep bacteria away. It is also added for the cleansing effect and to form lather.

Benefits of Essential oil

You'll find a huge variety of essential oils in the market. Different essential oils offer different advantages. You can use peppermint oil or rosemary oil. Peppermint oil has antibacterial properties and helps to maintain healthy skin. [6] Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory properties [7] that help to soothe the skin. Both of these oils will refresh your skin. Lavender oil has a calming effect. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties [8] that help to cleanse the skin.

Benefits Of Olive Oil Body Wash

This is a great way to nourish your skin. Olive oil and honey both moisturise your skin and help deal with dry and flaky skin. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of the ingredients used will help keep any bacteria at bay and give you a clean and healthy skin. This is ideal for all the skin types as it conditions your skin without stripping it off the natural oils. It also helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin. The essential oil gives it an amazing aroma while keeping your skin healthy.

All in all, it's a great way to cleanse your skin. It isn't harsh on your skin and won't harm your skin. So, what do you think about this quick and easy, yet skin-friendly body wash? Do share this with your friends and family and tell us about your experience in the comment section below. Have a happy shower!

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