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Showering Mistakes You Probably Didn't Know

8 bad habits while taking a shower | नहाते समय हम करते हैं ये 8 गलतियां | Boldsky

Showering or bathing is one essential routine that all of us go through. A relaxing and rejuvenating shower makes us healthier both physically and mentally. But did you know there are some mistakes that we are careless about when taking a shower?

These mistakes can lead us to serious health issue. So, it is better to keep some points or tips in mind, the next time you take a shower.

Presenting to you 8 showering mistakes that you probably didn't know.


1. Standing In The Shower For Too Long

We all love to stand in the shower for a long time. After a long tiring day, bathing gives us relaxation for both the mind and body. But as per the experts, standing in the shower for more than 10 minutes can cause serious health issues. So, from now onwards, make it a point not to stand under the shower for too long even though it's tempting.


2. Hot Water Bath

Hot water can take away the natural essential oils from our body. This leaves our body dry. It also opens our skin pores due to which it can lead to further problems. Bathing in water that's too hot can cause itchiness and leave our skin red. However, you can use lukewarm water to take a shower in order to avoid the above issues.


3. Do Not Use Too Much Soap

All of us would want to remain fresh and smell good all day long. Due to this, we tend to use more than the required amount of soap in a day. Remember that soaps are made of chemicals and when used regularly in large amounts, it can alter our pH balance. This will lead our bodies natural ability to fight bacteria and other external agents. So, it is advisable to either use natural, chemical-free soaps or reduce the amount you use the soap.


4. Not Washing Your Bathing Puffs And Towels

After all, we all take a bath for maintaining hygiene. It's not only our body that should remain hygienic and clean, but it should also be things we use for it. Most of us use puffs, loofas, etc., but we tend to take care of those. All your loofas, bathing towels and puffs should be cleaned on a regular basis. This will prevent from forming fungus and bacteria that cause serious health issues.


5. Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Yes, it's a myth that washing your hair every day would make your hair cleaner and healthier. But it's a misinterpretation. Washing your hair does make your hair cleaner but not every day. In fact, if you wash your tresses every day, it will make your scalp turn even more oily. So, it's better to wash it thrice a week maximum for healthy tresses.


6. Remember Not To Dry Off Vigorously

Most of us tend to dry off with the towel vigorously, right after bathing. This would make our skin more dry since the towel is also dry. Make sure that you use a soft towel and gently remove excess water from your body.


7. Don't Exfoliate Your Skin Every Day

Exfoliation helps in greater circulation of blood, which makes our skin smoother and brighter. But it's not advisable to scrub your body or face every day, as this may make the skin more oilier, which increases bacteria. Therefore, do this just twice or thrice a week.


8. Use A Moisturizer Just After The Shower

Most of us use a moisturizer when we go to bed every day. However, this is not the correct time to use it. Always remember to moisturize your skin right after bathing, as this may help in keeping your skin hydrated for a long time.

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