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Treat Your Nails To An Amazing Hot Oil Manicure This Weekend!

It's always a good thing to pamper your body with some extra efforts once a while. At a time when there are so many spa and salons offering various kinds of beauty treatments and massages, there is something you too can do for your body. This weekend treat your hands and nails to an awesome hot oil manicure at home!

You might have often though of your nails and wondered what it is that you can do at home to whiten your nails and maintain their health? Well, a hot oil manicure is the solution.

What Is Hot Oil Manicure?

Considered to be one of the luxurious treatments you can offer to your hands, a hot oil manicure is an amazing way to pamper your hands and nails. It is basically treating your nails and hands to the goodness of various essential oils that help in nourishing your hands. Apart from that, it also provides you with a number of benefits. Hot oil manicure can easily be done at home with some simple ingredients.

Benefits Of Hot Oil Manicure

Hot oil manicure has a lot of benefits to offer, some of which are listed below:

  • Prevents your nails from ageing fast
  • Whitens nails
  • Cleanses and exfoliates your nails
  • Improves the texture of your cuticles
  • Makes removal of hangnails easier

How To Do Hot Oil Manicure At Home


  • ½ cup almond oil
  • ½ cup sunflower oil
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsp tea tree oil
  • 1 tsp Vitamin E oil / 1 Vitamin E capsule (any one depending on the availability)

How to prepare hot oil

  • In a bowl, add almond oil and sunflower oil. Mix both the oils well
  • Next, add tea tree oil and olive oil and now blend all the four oils together.
  • Add some Vitamin E oil to the concoction or just open a Vitamin E capsule and empty its contents in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well to form a consistent mixture.
  • Heat the oil concoction for about 30 seconds until it becomes slightly warm and thin enough that it can easily penetrate into your skin. Ensure that it is warm enough for you to dip your hands in it.


  • Start off by washing your hands and nails properly with lukewarm water. Pat your hands dry with a tissue.
  • Dip your hands in the bowl full of oil concoction and let them soak completely until the oil cools down completely.
  • Remove your fingers from the bowl and massage your fingers, nails, as well as your hands. Make sure that you also focus on the edges of your fingers, nail beds, cuticles, and also the back of your hands, your palms, and your wrist.
  • Massage for good 10-15 minutes and let the oil seep into your skin.
  • Wash off your hands with cold water and pat they dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply a hydrating moisturiser on your hands and leave it at that.

Do try this amazing hot oil manicure at home and see the amazing and soothing effect it has on your hands and nails. After all, your hands too deserve some extra attention, don't they?

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