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Everything You Need To Know About Grooming Down There!

How to shave hair on the pubic area? How do we actually go about doing this? These are some common questions that every girl/woman has on her mind. Do not worry! All your queries about shaving "down there" will be addressed in this article.

Whether you are a male or a female, the reason to keep the area groomed is pretty much the same. To avoid the irritation and keep the area clean. Unlike old days, today things have advanced so much that there are several options in front of you that are available to do this. Be it from home remedies, equipment like razors, trimmers, or even salons that give you several options for pubic hair removal.

However, you might be confused with all these methods if you've entered the stage of being an adult. So, this article is for you guys. Here is a complete guide on how to groom the hair down there and different ways of hair removal techniques. Read on!


Now, this is the most common and affordable way of grooming down there. Though shaving will not help in getting rid of pubic hair completely, most women prefer this according to a study. By shaving, it doesn't mean that it is the only step involved.

Before shaving, there are certain basic steps involved like trimming, soaking, lathering, shaving and finally moisturising. Always remember to shave in the same direction of hair growth. This will give you a smooth finish and will give you better results.

If you are on your periods, this method is not recommended, since your skin becomes sensitive during those days. For beginners, shaving once in a week should be enough.

How To Use A Razor?

Now, shaving includes razors that work well in removing the hair down there. Before using the razor, make sure that you check on the blades. Do not use old blades, as it might cause an infection on the skin. After you have used a razor, make it a point to apply some moisturiser or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin there.


For grooming hair in your bikini region, waxing is another method. It can be done if you have a waxing kit at home or if you have an appointment in a salon. The kind of waxing usual done down there is hot waxing. As the name suggests, hot wax is more painful unlike shaving.

Whether in a salon or at home, the method of waxing is the same. First, hot wax is applied on the desired area and it is pulled off with a waxing strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Types Of Waxing

Bikini Wax: In this waxing, only the hair outside the bikini area is removed.

Full Bikini Waxing: In this waxing, some of the hair outside and some within the panty line is removed.

French Bikini Wax: In this particular waxing, all the hair in the pelvic area is removed thoroughly.

Brazilian Bikini Wax: This kind of waxing includes removing hair from the pelvic region, reaching the back (which includes the butt area).

How To Do Waxing At Home?

You can get a good waxing kit from the market, which is not hard to find. Follow the below steps to get the job done perfectly:

First of all, before starting, make sure that the area is washed and cleansed.

Now, warm the wax in a container until it turns out to be in a honey-like consistency.

Before you apply, test the temperate of the wax to avoid burning of the skin down there.

Dip a wooden stick into the wax and then start applying it on the hair down there.

With a waxing strip, pull off your hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Make sure that you do not wax in the same area twice to avoid bleeding and other skin irritations because the skin down there is very sensitive.

Trimming With Scissors

Trimming your hair down there with scissors can be one method that does not consume much time. In fact, this method is something that must be done much before any other waxing method, as it will help in thinning the hair down there. Next, be extra careful when you use the scissors to trim your hair down there. You can take the help of a mirror to get this job done right!


This method of hair removal only works if there are only a few hair on the line. Compared to any other methods mentioned above, this method is much more painful and time consuming. Make sure that you do not over do it or else you'll start bleeding.

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