Shaving Cream Substitutes You Need To Know About

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It is nice to see that shaving is finally coming up as a hair removal method. But a lot of people get confused about whether or not they should be using shaving cream. These shaving cream substitutes are what you need, if you shave at all.

Shaving is a really convenient method of hair removal because of how fast and cost-effective it is. So why not switch to it? The best part of shaving is that you can do it anytime, no matter what the length of the hair.

Certain measures do need to be taken to ensure that the skin does not get harmed at all in the process. Like with any other hair removal method, if done wrong, this can make the skin slightly rough. This is why the shaving cream or shaving cream substitute that you use needs to be chosen carefully.

It needs to be made sure that this cream moisturises the skin and, at the same time, helps in the shaving process. Here are some shaving cream substitutes that you can use.


1. Baby Oil:

Make sure you apply a heavy coat of baby oil when shaving. This keeps the skin moisturised enough to shield the skin from the razor and, at the same time, you can see where you're shaving because it is clear in colour.


2. Conditioner:

Your conditioner can be put to great use while shaving. It is a great shaving cream substitute, in fact the best one on this list. It smells amazing and keeps your skin super soft.


3. Shower Gel:

Yes, your shower gel is a great option for when you don't want to invest in a separate shaving cream. It lathers up and works just as well as a shaving cream does.


4. Honey:

This may seem a little too weird to most people, but it leaves your skin baby soft after shaving. Just get past the weirdness of it and try it out!


5. Coconut Oil:

This is an amazing shaving cream substitute or alternative. It shields your skin and is really thick in texture. And who can dislike that amazing smell?


6. Baby Soap:

Baby soaps are a lot more hydrating in nature than other soaps. So, it can be a really good substitute for a shaving cream.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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