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Reasons Why You Should Never Use Skincare Wipes

By Shabana

Skin care products are evolving every day. Cosmetic companies are manufacturing new products which are aimed at saving time and are easy to use. One such latest product in the market is skin care wipes.

Inspired by baby wipes, skin care wipes are the latest in the beauty industry. They are wet pieces of cloth stored in an air tight seal which prevents them from drying out. These wipes are very handy when there is no access to water. They are used to remove make-up and cleanse the face immediately of any dirt and grime. They also provide disinfectant properties.

reasons why you should not use skincare wipes

Wet wipes may be very handy for frequent travelers or lazy-bums. But they carry a lot of disadvantages as well. Here are a few negative aspects of your favourite skin care wipes-

1) They are loaded with chemicals

Skin care wipes are loaded with chemicals which keep them moisturized. They contain huge amount of preservatives which can easily irritate sensitive skin. They are also high in fragrance. Most of the brands use alcohol to prevent bacteria, which in turn is extremely drying to the skin. These contain surfactants to dissolve the make-up and grime. Frequent use may lead to rashes and redness.

2) They do not serve their purpose effectively

A few people may not like the idea of using facial wipes as it may not give a squeaky clean feeling. It may be alright in case you have absolutely no access to water, but otherwise using facial wipes may not be that effective in cleansing your face. Some amount of make-up or dirt may still be left over after using them. Moreover, using these will make your skin feel a little sticky immediately. So, if the cleansing wipes don't serve their purpose, its existence becomes void.

3) They are not nature-friendly

These wipes may be advertised as being disposable, but they are far from it. It is just an advertising gimmick used by companies. They are non-biodegradable and cause environment pollution at many levels, similar to plastic. Also, many find it convenient to just flush them down the drain after using, which in turn leads to clogged drains. They wreak havoc to marine life

4) They are irritation around the eyes

If you in a habit of removing eye make-up using these wipes, think again. It may be convenient, but the skin around the area is 10 times more thin and sensitive than the rest of the face. You may be required to rub rigorously on the eye area to remove the make-up and this may cause you to tug on your skin. It may lead to fine lines and wrinkles eventually.

5) They cause a lot of skin problems

Because of the high content of alcohol, frequent usage of these wipes dry out the skin. This may cause the early signs of ageing to appear. The hard cleansing agents used in them may accumulate if not followed up with proper cleaning with water. This may lead to ugly breakout and blackheads. Also, if you are using these wipes to get rid of excess oil on your skin, they will just smear the oil all over instead of cleaning it.

There are no short cuts to healthy skin and clean skin is the first step to healthy skin. The usual soap and water may just be effective on your skin. Also, the simpler your skin care routine, the better. Chemicals have adverse affects on our skin. It may be a good idea to restrict the use of these wipes only on emergency situations. Otherwise, how long may it take you to just wash your face with plain old soap and water? Both your skin and wallet will thank you loads for it.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 9, 2017, 10:01 [IST]
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