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Your Monthly Beauty Care Plan – What To Do And Why?

Exactly how beauty enthusiasts follow a healthy CTM routine every day, similarly they have a monthly beauty plan as well. The to-dos of the monthly beauty plan are executed once in a month on the body and not more than that.

The frequency of these monthly beauty care plans does not alter, except in case of special occasions.

monthly beauty care plan

Men and women who abide by these monthly beauty care plans (other than their daily beauty program) live an improved and healthier life. Those who do not repeat these monthly beauty to-dos face gross bodily problems over time.

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So, here's the list of the most essential beauty care to-dos that you must try to cover every month, in order to maintain a good skin, hair and an overall you.

Face Cleanup Or Facial

No matter how much you cleanse, moisturize or tone your skin, an extra layer of dirt still remains on the skin. Usual CTM cannot remove it. Over a span of a month, this clogged layer of dirt and dust increases on your skin and the worst hit part is the face. As the face is the most exposed, it gets maximum clogged and dusted. This is where comes the role of a face cleanup or facial that deep penetrates into your skin cells to clear off the stored dust and dirt particles. These open your skin pores, nourish them, also giving your skin a fresh look.

Hair Spa

Now the way your face needs extra pampering once in a month, same is the case with your hair. Irrespective of the length, height or the texture of your hair, your scalp does get clogged with dust and dirt. Thus, a hair spa session, once in a month, clears off the hair scalp completely, encouraging new hair growth. Hair spa alters the texture and appearance of the hair.

Pedicure And Manicure

In your monthly beauty care plan, a must-include addition is manicure and pedicure. These two pamper the most ignored parts of your body - palms and feet, respectively. You can do pedicure and manicure at home, only if you have all the right ingredients and you know how to do it. If you're unsure, please book a salon appointment, to do the monthly pedicure and manicure.

Body Massage

A body massage is a must in your beauty plan every month. This adds a relieving quotient to your body and rejuvenates you for the month. For body massage, do appoint professionals and try opting for high-end natural or ayurvedic oils. Often, body massage follows with a sauna experience, which you should not miss out on.

Threading And Other Hair Removal

In your monthly beauty care plan, threading and hair removal should be there. However, if your hair growth is less and you think you can manage without doing hair removal - then that's your call. For threading and hair removal on your body, only count on experts.

Go For Beauty Shopping

Well, beauty experts suggest going for beauty shopping every month, atleast once, so that you can clear out all expired or non-beneficial cosmetics from your dressing table with the useful ones. Also, heading for beauty shopping every month will let you remain updated about the new cosmetics, offers and launches. Those who do not revamp their dressing table regularly, face greater beauty problems.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 9, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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