10 Budget-friendly Beauty Tips For Every Girl To Try, Now!

Head to your nearest beauty store or check online; from skin care, hair care, body care to makeup products - everything comes with heafty price tags and that's one reason women keep fondling their eyes on them, but do not own them.

What if each of these heavily priced beauty cosmetic or treatment came with an alternative and affordable hack?

budget friendly beauty tips

Well, there exist budget-friendly beauty to-dos as an alternative to the expensive ones, only if you know how to go for these. From scrubbing to healing your cracked heels - everything is possible with the right beauty hack and only if you know how to go about it.

For now, we list ten very easy-to-try budget-friendly beauty tips that you can follow right at home. Following these on a daily basis will reveal the true diva in you, who can set real beauty goals for others.

Homemade 2-ingredient Scrub For Face & Body

Whether you want to scrub your body or just the face, here are 2-ingredient scrub recipes to try:
a) Your present cleanser + sugar granules
b) Sugar granules + lime juice
c) Coffee + coconut oil

Alternative To Makeup Remover

Makeup removers, especially the branded ones, are high priced. If it's little tough on your pocket to buy a makeup remover right now, simply use its budget-friendly alternative using two oils. The two oils that you will need to prepare this makeup remover at home are cooking oil (that is, vegetable oil) and baby oil in the same proportion. Prepare this oily makeup remover once and you can store it for months.

Heal Cracked Feet With Olive Oil

A common problem for many elderly women, this can be cured applying olive oil daily after cleaning your feet. Please note, after applying olive oil, you have to cover your feet with socks. If you keep your feet bare after applying olive oil, then there won't be any benefit. Massage olive oil on the cracked heel, twice in a day, and you will see a change soon!

Lip Scrubbing With Sugar, Olive Oil & Vanilla Extract

Lip scrubbers are not only expensive but tough to get. But the unavailability of lip scrubbers should not hamper your lip care routine. You can prepare a lip scrubber at home with sugar, olive oil and vanilla extract. In fact, sugar and oil alone can make the scrubber, while vanilla extract is to add a soothing fragrance. Every lip scrubbing session should not be too long and end with a good lip balm.

Preparing Clarifying Shampoo With Kitchen Ingredients

You can prepare a clarifying shampoo at home if you find the mass-marketed ones to be very pricey. The recipe for clarifying shampoo is, two teaspoons of baking soda mixed with a cup water.

The second recipe for a homemade clarifying shampoo that really cuts on your budget is by diluting 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. However, if you make either of these two clarifying shampoos at home; ensure you prepare it right before use.

Experiencing Hydrotherapy Spa At Home

Spa treatments no doubt leave a big hole in the pocket, now you can experience the best of hydrotherapy spa at home. Begin with a sauna. For a sauna, open the hot shower of your bathroom and leave it for ten minutes. Ensure that all kinds of ventilation is stopped from the bathroom. After ten minutes, close the shower and sit in the steam. Follow this with a cold shower. The hot steam along with a cold water will make the ideal hydrotherapy spa for you at home.

Fight Acne With A Simple Strawberry Mask

It's not about the price of acne masks, but it's tough to make a choice regarding acne masks, considering the variety and types involved. As an alternative, we suggest a simple strawberry acne mask recipe that you can make at home. This strawberry acne mask can be tried on all skin types; and after the first two or three uses of it, you will see remarkable changes. Strawberry being a store-house of salicylic acid works on acne. Take equal quantities of chopped strawberries with curd, and apply it and leave it for 15 minutes, and then rinse well.

DIY Facial Mask With Honey

Heading to the salon for a facial is expensive. Here, the alternative is making a simple facial mask at home. Though facial mask at home can be composed of many natural or herbal ingredients; but the simplest to make is, the one with honey as a primary ingredient. Coming to a honey facial mask, following are the varieties that you can try:

a) Honey + Curd
B) Honey + Lime Juice
C) Honey + Avocado Pulp
D) Honey + Lavender Essential Oil
E) Honey + Oatmeal Powder

Sliced Raw Potatoes For Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes is a common problem among women and there is hardly any cosmetic, even if you pay, to bring you a remedy. On your puffy eyes, rub sliced raw potato and you will see a change. Though many suggest cucumber but please note, cucumber works for dark circles. For puffy eyes, the ideal pocket-friendly solution is a sliced raw potato.

Easy Method To Style Your Hair At Home

When it comes to hair styling, women often rely only on parlours. How about doing it at home? Thanks to the internet; but there are simply too many hair-styling blogs available. Pick your style, get the right accessories and style your hair at home. This is really going to cut on your makeup budget.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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