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Wet Shaving VS Dry Shaving: Pros & Cons

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Shaving is a part of a man's daily routine. Whether it is the dry shaving or wet, it is a man's grooming method and style. There are pros and cons of dry and wet shaving and we at Boldsky suggest to you which you should follow according to your skin type.

According to dermatologists, the traditional wet shaving is relatively the best. This is because the soap or foam which is used to make a lather for the shave helps to make the skin soft and supple after use.

On the other hand, with wet shaving one will need ample of patience, as it requires you to shave twice over the area and this again depends on the coarse of the hair. When it comes to dry shaving it is much healthier and hygienic. However, dry shaving does not require you to lather foam on your face which again is time consuming and the best for the working class of men.

So, if your confused as to which to use, whether dry o wet shaving, take a look at these pros and cons of both the methods and then decide which of them is the best and convenient for your skin:


What Is Wet Shaving?

Wet shaving involves a throw-able razor, soap or a foam. Since this is an old -age form of shaving, there is a lot of men who still prefer this kind of method.


Pros Of Wet Shaving

One of the pros of wet shaving is you get a close shave factor. After the shave your face will feel soft and smooth which is unmatched with the post-electric shave touch.


Wet Shaving Is Better Because....

The reason why men prefer wet shaving is because brush and water provides the cleanest shave and a much fresher face. On the other hand, while shaving it not only removes the stubble but also the coating of dead skin cells, thus enabling exfoliation.


Cons Of Wet Shaving

There are three cons to wet shaving. Firstly, every time you shave you will get at least one cut on your face. Secondly, wet shave often leads to skin rashes and irritations due to the foam and the loofer too. Lastly, the worst con of wet shave is it occupies too much of time.


What Is Dry Shaving?

Dry shaving is normally done using an electric shaver. Dry shaving is comparatively the best since it will give you a clean look which does not involve too much of time too.


Pros Of Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is the best because there is no mess while shaving and the positive side of electric shavers is no blood and and no cuts. On the other hand, dry shaving is easier as it is less time consuming unlike wet shaving.


Cons Of Dry Shaving

Electric shavers are pretty much expensive.A good quality electric shaver will cost you no less than Rs 2500 and it is important to invest in a good brand as it involves looking after your skin.

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Story first published: Monday, February 15, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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