This Night-time Beauty Ritual For Your Body Will Change Your Day!

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There are lots of amazing day and night-time rituals for the skin on your face, but wouldn't it be amazing to follow one for your body for days when you need that extra bit of pampering? This night-time body ritual will do just that!

Long, busy, stressful days leave us with very little energy. And that's when this ritual will help you, as it is not more of work, but more of a way to help you relax and ease all the stress and trouble you may be facing in your hectic life.

And who doesn't like a little bit of pampering every now and then, right? There are a lot of posts focussing on how much care you should take of the skin on your face before bedtime and during the day. But, not all of them mention how much the skin on your body also needs a little help at times.

Yes, the body skin is a lot tougher than the facial skin. And that's why you need to do this just once a week, as opposed to facial skin care, which needs to be done twice a day. Have a look at this important night-time body ritual to follow:

1. Oil Massage: An oil massage for your body is one of the most simple ways to pamper yourself, while ensuring your skin gets well moisturised. Oil massaging helps improve blood circulation in the body and to make the skin glow.

nighttime body ritual

2. Scrub: Your face is not the only thing that needs scrubbing for dead skin removal. Use a mixture of powdered sugar, lemon juice and olive oil to get the perfect skin of your dreams.

nighttime body ritual

3. Clay Mask: A clay mask, in the steps to follow for good skin, can help both the body and the face. Apply a clay mask all over your body once a week to help get rid of the dead skin cells, and dirt and grime sitting on the body skin.

nighttime body ritual

4. Hot Shower: There is nothing quite as relaxing and pampering as a hot shower. Once a week at night does not seem like a lot of time to sacrifice to help ease yourself to this extent, isn't it?

nighttime body ritual

5. Oil: Apply oil once more after you shower to ensure that the moisture stays locked in your skin. This should be a light-weight oil like jojoba oil, which has properties similar to the natural oil of the skin.

nighttime body ritual

6. Moisturise: This is the last night-time body ritual step. Use your favourite moisturiser after you apply the oil to make sure your skin stays well hydrated for a really long time. Do this every week and you wouldn't have to deal with flaky skin ever!

nighttime body ritual
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Story first published: Friday, October 14, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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