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Steps For A Perfect Pedicure At Home!

By: Riddhi Roy

Our feet are often the most ignored because we tend to think that no one ever really notices them. Well, that is a misconception, dear readers.

There are several studies that have been conducted on this topic and it has been found that if the feet and hands of a person are not well maintained, it gives off a very bad first impression to potential employers or even potential partners.

Our feet also end up facing the most damage due to walking, following hectic work schedules. And sun exposure can be exceptionally bad for the feet, as they usually get the most exposed and that part of the body is totally neglected in terms of applying sunscreen lotions or moisturisers.

diy pedicure at home

The skin on the top of the feet is thinner when compared with the skin on the legs or elsewhere on the body.

This can cause further damage by giving rise to flaking of the skin and appearance of fine lines. This can make the feet look quite old too. In fact, the feet are one of the first body parts to start showing the signs of ageing.

Of course, putting on sunscreen on the feet regularly is a must, but what do we do when the damage is already done? We get a pedicure! Now, with these steps, you can easily go in for a pedicure right at home, have a look.

Soak: Get a tiny tub and fill it with warm water. Put some shampoo or body wash into the tub. Make sure your toenails are free of all the signs of nail polish, and then soak your feet into the tub. Enjoy the soak and relax for 2-5 minutes.

diy pedicure at home

File: After 5 minutes, you can take your feet out of the soak. All that soaking makes the dead skin turn softer and easier to be scrubbed off. Using a foot file or a pumice stone, gently scrub off the dead skin from your soles.

Scrub: For the top part of the feet, you can use a store-bought foot scrub or make one at home using olive oil and salt. Use the scrub in circular motions and then wash your feet.

Clip & Shape: Using a nail clipper, clip off your toe nails and then shape them up with a file to keep them looking neat, tidy and even.

Cuticle Oil: Use a cuticle oil or almond oil and coat your nails entirely in the oil. After 5 minutes, push back the cuticles using a cuticle stick. The oil will soften the cuticles, thereby making it easier to push them in.

Polish: After this, use a nail paint of your choice. First, start with a transparent base coat, follow that with two to three coats of the nail polish, finish with a top coat to ensure that the nail polish lasts for long.

diy pedicure at home

Moisture: Finally, finish the pedicure by moisturising your feet with any regular moisturiser or cream. You could also make sure to use home-based remedies to help moisturise the skin on your feet.

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