7 Tips To Look After A Coverup Tattoo

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Redoing or covering up another tattoo might seem like a piece of cake, but there are more risks involved.

It is said that more than 90 percent of the people get their tattoos redone, for the simple reason that they resent it or there was an initial mistake when it was created.

Before getting a tattoo done, one must consider a lot of things. For example, where you want to get the tattoo done on your body, the type and colour of the ink and, most importantly, the after care of the tattoo which is a must.

If you scratch the tattoo while it is healing, it will surely create a scar that is going to be ugly to look at as well as painful to treat.

After the tattoo is etched on your body, you should follow some simple rules in order to let it heal well. Now, when you redo or cover up the tattoo, here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

So, take a look at some of the body care tips to follow after you have got that old tattoo covered up.


Which Soap To Use?

After you have removed the dressing from your tattoo, you should look after it with care. Since it is an open wound, the only soap you can use on that area is an antibacterial soap. It will prevent bacteria to thrive on the open skin and, in turn, prevent an infection.


Pat Not Wipe

After bathing, the skin around the coverup tattoo will begin to itch. In this case, don't wipe the tattoo with a rough towel, as it will tear open the skin. Pat it dry with a soft cloth or a tissue.


After Bath

After a bath, make sure that you pat the redone tattoo dry. Allow it to feel moist and not dry. If the tattoo is dry, the scab formed on the tattoo will take longer to peel off.


Be Careful With The Lotion

Don't go overboard with applying that moisturiser on the tattoo. It needs to breathe if it has to heal properly.


Beware Of The Sun

Don't make the mistake of exposing the redone tattoo in the sun for at least two weeks. Tattoo experts state that the UV radiations are not good for the healing process.


When The Itchiness Begins...

After two to three days, a thin layer will start to peel off from the tattoo. When this process begins, the skin will feel extremely itchy. Keep the paws to yourself and don't itch that spot. Applying a mild cream or baby oil to the cover-up tattoo is ideally the best kind of relief you can find.


Keep Away From Water

Avoid the pool and sauna for the next week. Soaking your tattoo in the pool is not good for the skin, since it is a cover-up. However, taking a show in warm water is perfect and the safest too.

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Story first published: Friday, March 4, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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