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How You Can Use Bananas For Beauty

By Riddhi

Bananas are the best sources of energy for when you want a healthy kick in the morning. Even better than that morning cup of coffee, we say. But, bananas can be used for beauty too.

Bananas are rich in nutrients like potassium that make them really good for consumption. They are rich in antibacterial ingredients that help them to be a great remedy for the skin in general.

A banana can even be used for the hair. So, why not use this powerhouse of nutrients for your beauty regimen? It is cost-effective and has so many amazing benefits.

Here, we will be sharing with you all the amazing ways in which you can use bananas for multiple benefits on your face, body and hair.

Yes, it can benefit all three in some way or the other. And not to mention, it actually tastes yum. Some people may not like bananas, but they are amazing and we are absolutely "bananas about bananas"!

Here are ways in which you can include bananas in your beauty routine. Have a look.

1. Acne Pack: It is full of antioxidants and really helps get rid of the acne-causing bacteria and germs. It even gets rid of the oiliness on face to an extent.

2. Hair Conditioning: Mix bananas with yogurt and apply it all over your hair. This has a similar effect as an egg-conditioning mask does on your hair. So, people who are iffy about using egg on their hair can really benefit from this pack.

3. Oats And Banana Scrub: Mix crushed oats with banana and use this as a body scrub. This will help get rid of the dead skin cells without being too harsh on the skin.

4. Banana Sugar Scrub: The banana and sugar scrub can be used on the face to get rid of the dead skin cells and provide the face with moisture at the same time.

5. Moisture Mask: Just smash a banana and mix it with some honey and use this as a hydrating moisture mask for your face. Now, that's how to use bananas for beauty!

6. Puffiness: Using plain banana on your face can help get rid of the puffiness on the face because it has a cooling effect on the face.

7. Cracked Heels: Apply mashed bananas on your feet and then put on some old pair of socks. Leave it on overnight and wake up to healed heels!

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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