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Gross Things That Happen During A Manicure Or Pedicure

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Flaunting beautiful nails and silky smooth skin is a dream of any girl you pick. There are many things that a girl would do to get that perfect look.

In this article, we are here to share details on the list of gross things that can happen to most of the women while they're doing a manicure or pedicure for themselves.

Doing manicure or pedicure is important, as it shows how hygienic you are. Nobody would like to shake hands with somebody who has dirt in their nails, right?

Gross Things That Happen After Manicure

One of the main reasons for doing manicure or pedicure is that it helps in removing the dead skin layer and even the nail tips that have chipped off.

Well, the darker side to this painful time-taking beauty regimen is quite gross and disgusting.
These are the things that generally women go through, yet do not pay attention to.
Find out more about these disgusting yet gross things that happen during a manicure or pedicure regimen.

Gross Things That Happen After Manicure

You Accidentally Taste Some Nail Polish Remover
Once you're done with manicure or pedicure, the first thing you would do is to eat something, as you have been hungry after the task. This is the time when you realise why your chips taste that of acetone, as some traces of it are still left on your hands.

Gross Things That Happen After Manicure

Stray Nail Clippings Fly All Over The Room
Clipping of nails is quite a tedious job. The real mess is when the clipped nails fly all across the room and you have to clean the mess up yourself. It is weird, as sometimes it directly hits your eye or face. Yeah, we know, it can be a very annoying problem.

Trimming Your Cuticles Is Painful
This is quite a painful task. There are so many cuts, and while trimming the nails, there can be skin cuts causing blood to ooze out as well. Instead, cut nails after soaking your hands in warm water.

Gross Things That Happen After Manicure

Disgusting Foot Calluses
Once you are done with pedicure and manicure, you cannot help yourself from staring at the mountain of dead skin flakes left behind. Yeah, this is something that will totally gross you out.

Biting Your Nails Can Cause A Scar In The Skin Tissue
Do not bite your nails, especially after a manicure!! The skin is soft and tender during this time, which can make it easy for the scars to appear on the skin tissues. So, be careful!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 20:06 [IST]
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