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DIY Natural Aloe Vera And Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion For Smooth Skin

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We see so many amazing, fancy products at the stores and crave to own them to get smooth, beautiful skin on our bodies.

However, sometimes, these products can be really expensive and may not fit our budgets. We usually look for something that is cost-effective and doesn't burn a hole in our pockets.

Dry, rough skin can be very unsightly and uncomfortable. And no matter what we do, it seems to become only worse with time. It makes wearing shorts and dresses difficult too.

The aim is to have smooth, shining skin without spending all of our money on it. Everyone loves that amazing glow on the body that comes from hydrated and a well-moisturised skin.

Hence, we're sharing a simple DIY body lotion recipe that could help you achieve smooth skin with only four ingredients. Ingredients that you probably already own, and if you don't you must buy them! These ingredients have multiple uses.

diy coconut and aloe body lotion

This body lotion is easy to make and use. Using this would cure even the worst case of dry, flaky skin and give way to smooth and glowing skin.

So, keep reading to find out how to make this DIY natural aloe and whipped coconut oil body lotion for smooth skin.

diy coconut and aloe body lotion

Ingredients Required:
Aloe vera
Extra virgin coconut oil
Lavender oil
Peppermint oil (optional)


Use fresh aloe vera derived from aloe vera leaves for the preparation of this body lotion. For this, carefully scoop out the gel from the aloe vera leaves. If these aren't available, store-bought aloe vera gel can also be used.

Take the gel and blend it in a blender to make it smoother. Then, add two-three scoops of extra virgin coconut oil to this. This type of coconut oil is lighter than the average coconut oil.

diy coconut and aloe body lotion

It gets absorbed on to the skin more easily. And it also wouldn't transfer on to your clothes and stain them. Add a few drops of lavender oil, or any oil of your choice.

This would make the lotion smell amazing. You can add a few drops of peppermint oil too, if you want. This would only add to a more cooling, tingly effect and it can effectively soothe an irritated skin.

Mix up all the ingredients and store the mixture in an air-tight container.

It will look as good as a store-bought lotion for sure. Store it and use it as you like, ensuring that you do use it after a shower.

There you go, your perfect moisturiser for smooth skin is ready to be used, at less than half the money you would actually spend on it if you'd bought it from a store. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 15:15 [IST]
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