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Surprising Beauty Benefits of Donkey Milk You Didn't Know!

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Before you scrunch up your nose at the mention of "donkey milk" and discard the idea completely, here is a little fact check for you!

Did you know 90% of the infants were more receptive to donkey milk as a substitute to breast milk? That's right, it is that gentle! Vitamin C present in Donkey's milk is 60 times more than that of cow's milk, which means hello glowing skin!

Donkey's milk is packed with essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins and do we need to say more? If we can give bee venom, pig collagen and snail mucus a try for that elusively lustrous skin, this is certainly worth your time.

So, let's get down to nitty-gritty and decode the elixir (we call donkey Milk) in your beauty regimen.

Listed in this article are surprising ways your skin benefits from donkey's milk. Take a look!



Those age-old beauty hacks from our beloved grandma that we love so much involves lactose in some form or the other. While we are all about dairy products, and all its beauty properties, it is not for everyone, aka, allergies! The biochemical composition of donkey's milk is very close to that of human, which makes it an excellent substitute for people allergic to soya milk and dairy milk. Moreover, donkey's milk is known to have low level of omega-3/omega-6 ratio making it anti-inflammatory in nature.


Skin Regeneration

Donkey's milk or more popularly known as "asses's milk" is imbued with protein, phospholipids and ceramides, which not only heal skin tissue, but also restructure it, strengthening it from within.


Boosts Metabolism

If there ever was a battle of the best, donkey trumps cow, any day, hands-down. Not only does it have 60 times more vitamin C content than that of cow's milk, it also has twice as much nutritional value, which spirals up metabolism and burns unwanted fat.


Radiant Skin

If you are planning to go au-naturel with your skin care routine, then donkey's milk is the most versatile ingredient out there. It acts not just as a gentle exfoliator, but also as an intense moisturiser. Repeated use will reveal skin which is soft and smooth to touch, while being taut and firm.


Superb Mane

Fatty acid present in the milk can do wonders for your hair and nail. It strengthens the roots, smoothen the rough ends, and nourishes hair follicles to boost growth. If that isn't enough, it also gives your nail the natural sheen you always coveted!


High Demand, Low Yield

No good thing is without its fair share of cons, donkey's milk is no different. On an average, a donkey yields only 2 litres of milk, whereas cow's yield is anywhere between 35 to 40 litres each day. With demand for donkey's milk steadily spiraling and yield being depressingly low, it is no surprise the price point at which donkey's milk is sold is skyrocketing.

Next quirky ingredient on our list is monkey's claw, stay tuned! (just kidding! Or maybe not) Also, do share your valuable inputs down at the comment section. Adios!

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Story first published: Saturday, August 27, 2016, 20:01 [IST]
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