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6 Super Foods That Fight SunBurn

By Bindu Gowda

Do you know that there are certain foods which actually prevents sunburn and treat sun damage? Well, the answer is yes. You can easily prevent sunburn just by eating these super foods. These foods possess compounds that protects your skin from the harsh rays of sun. These foods also act as a natural defense against sun.

Including foods such as watermelon, tomatoes, oatmeal, potatoes, oily fish, carrots, spinach, turmeric and pomegranates in your daily diet helps to protect skin from sun damage. In today's article, we at Boldsky are listing few foods you need to incorporate in your diet to prevent sunburn. Read on to know more about it.


Green Tea

The compounds present in green tea, protects skin against harmful sun rays and the tannic acid present helps in soothing the sunburn.Research say that people who drink green tea everyday are at a lower risk of sunburn.



Potatoes are considered a super food when it comes to protecting our skin against sun damage. Potatoes provides the best relief for sunburned skin. Apply on the skin, and the starch present in it reduces the damage caused by sun.



Pomegranate is a great fruit that battles against sun damage and ageing. Pomegranate is a good source of ellagic acid, which protects our skin damaged from harmful UV rays. It also promotes skin repair and regeneration of cells.



Strawberries are miracle fruits which can boost skin's natural protection against harmful UV rays that sun emits. Eating lots of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, like strawberries and other berries prevents sunburn.



The role of cucumber in treating sunburn is two fold. Since, it contains mostly water, it keeps the skin hydrated. Cucumber can also be applied externally on skin to heal the sunburn.



Guava possess many properties which protect skin from sunburn and it also prevents skin cancer. Guava contains skin healing antioxidants. The fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which is good for soothing the burned skin.

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