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Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Body Hair

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Body hair is one of the many things that turn a woman off and even a man too! Experts state that one should not remove body hair at any cost, shocked?

Well, we give you a handful of reasons why you should keep your amazing body hair. Today, there are a lot of dermatologists who advice one that body hair is indeed a saviour when it comes to protecting your skin.

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You need to look after your body, no matter what and thus it starts with not removing the hair on your body. If you take a look at some of these reasons you will soon start to realise that you need that overdose of body hair.

So, what are you waiting for, take a look at why you need to forgo the shaver and the wax immediately:


Body Hair Regulates Body Temperature - The more body hair you have, the better it is. Experts state that body hair makes one feel warm in winter. It also protects your skin from extreme cold climates. Body hair doesn't allow dry skin and that my friend is an advantage.

Body Hair Means Protection - Body hair protects your skin. It acts as a protective layer over the body and in a way helps to prevent germs too. Body hair shields the skin.

Body Hair Gives Out A Young Look

Body Hair Gives Out A Young Look - When you remove the hair from your body, over a period of time the skin starts to look old and dull. This is because you are harming the top layer of the skin via wax and shaving. Here is one reason why you should not get rid of body hair as it helps to give your skin an eternal shine.

Body Hair Doesn't Cause Wrinkles - Over a period of time, the skin begins to loosen up and wrinkle, if you regularly wax or shave. Wrinkles can be prevented if you don't get rid of body hair.

Body Hair Removal Tips

Body Hair Doesn't Cause Skin Sagging - One of the main reasons why you should not remove body hair is because you can prevent your skin from sagging too soon. Body hair keeps the skin firm, so once you remove it, the skin begins to sag thus making you look older than your age itself.

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