Ways To Stop Body Hair Growth

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Body Hair Growth
All women and most of the men would be delighted if their body hair were removed and never grew back. But only wishful thinking will not stop the growth of unwanted hairs on your body. You need more than that to bail yourself out of the vicious cycle of hair growth.

All the remedies mentioned here will slow down hair growth and save you some trips to the salon.

Ways To Slow Down Body Hair Growth:

1. Stop Shaving It Off: First of all, stop using a razor to shave your body hair. This is a temporary solution and the hair will grow back with renewed vengeance. You will start looking like a bear after three or four times. There is no going back once you start using a razor.

2. Use Tweezers:
It is an incredibly slow and tiresome process to pick out every hair strand with tweezers. But tweezers pluck the hair from the roots and thus, it can keep your hair free for 4-6 weeks. While it works for facial hair, it might not be a feasible option for chest hair.

3. Waxing: Wax may not stop hair growth completely but it definitely reduces the density of growth over a period of time. Another tip to reduce hair is to go for a waxing session when all the hair has grown uniformly. All the hair will come off at one go without leaving in growths.

4. Eat Soy: You are hairy all over your body because of excessive production of male hormone, Testosterone. It is present in small amounts among women too. That is the reason why some women are uncharacteristically hairy. Soy is a product that promotes estrogen (female hormone) and suppresses the male hormone. Soy bean, milk and other soy products can help you greatly.

5. Build Muscles: Just like women have soy, men have the option to build muscles. It is believed that when you do ab crunches and get those cuts in your body, and hair reduces naturally. The skin stretches when you build muscles and that leads to lessening of hair density.

7. Hair Growth Inhibiting Lotions: Many cosmetic or pharmaceutical stores have lotions that stop hair from growing back on the body. These lotions mainly have soy ingredients. Always check the list of ingredients at the back of the pack to see if you are allergic to anything.

These methods can reduce the density of body hair but would not get rid of it totally. For a clean swipe, you can try expensive yet permanent electrolysis or the laser treatment to stop hair growth.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2012, 17:32 [IST]
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