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Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Most of us are aware of the beauty benefits of olive oil. It is an affordable ingredient and may be, that is why it is used in most of the beauty products. This oil is also used for cooking purposes. As this oil is also good for skin, it can be used externally as well as for edible purposes.

There are several health benefits that this oil offers. It promotes digestion, stimulates your metabolism and offers vitamins and minerals to your body.

Though most of us have started using olive oil for beauty purposes, it is a fact that it has been used since centuries. It is good for nails, skin and hair. In Egypt, this oil was used to treat hair many centuries ago.

Get Rid Of Acne Scars With Olive Oil

You can use olive oil on your skin as well as your hair too. Now, let us discuss about the beauty benefits of olive oil.


Dry Skin

This is one of the beauty benefits of olive oil for skin. It can soften your dry skin fast. After your shower, apply a few drops of oil on your body and wait for a few minutes till it gets absorbed.



If you wish to soften your hands, using olive oil is the best thing to do. You can use a few drops of oil on your hands and lather before you wash.



If your scalp is dry and itchy or if you have dandruff issues, use olive oil on your scalp at least thrice a week and see the difference.


Shiny Hair

Heat a few drops of olive oil and allow it to cool. Use the warm oil on your scalp and massage your hair. You can make your hair shiny. This is one of the beauty benefits of olive oil for hair.


Itchy Skin

If your skin is itchy, use a few drops of this oil and lather the affected area and wash it after a few minutes.


Make Up Removal

Instead of using any other product, you can use olive oil for make up removal. Just dip some cotton in a this oil and start rubbing your face to remove the make up.



One of the benefits of olive oil is that it can prevent wrinkles on your skin. If you use it regularly, you will be able to prevent wrinkles as it keeps your skin soft.

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