Clean Ears After Holi: Super Tips

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Clean Ears Holi
'Oh my god, he has red ears!' that is what your foreign delegates are going to say if they see you after Holi. Bad start for a much awaited meeting right? The thing with Holi colours is that they are difficult to clean, especially out of certain parts of your body. It becomes impossible to clean out ears for example, at least in the usual ways like ear buds. Unfortunately red ears are a side effect of this beautiful festival but that does not mean you have to deny yourself all the fun.

Here is what you can do to clean your ears and stop yourself from looking colourful after Holi 2012.

1. Usually we do not bother to clean our ears immediately after Holi because we are too busy cleaning every other part of our body like your face, your hands etc. After you are done, imagine how prominent your ears will look compared to your face scrubbed clean.

2. You apply petroleum jelly on your entire body and massage it head to toe. Have you to ever applied cream on your ears. Sounds odd doesn't it? but it the single thing that is going to stop colours from settling in your ears.

3. The trouble is that you cannot put body lotion into your ears. They are already waxy, why would youwant to cream them up further? What you can do is to oil your ears thoroughly before you go out to play Holi. This helps you in two ways; one is that it will not let the Holi colours settle inside your ears and it is also a great ear flush for you.

4. When wax ears start accumulating in your ears for many days then it hardens in to a solid mass. This might even give you some trouble hearing because it is a solid barrier against sound. Oiling your ears to clean them softens the crusted wax. If you can use lukewarm oil then all the more better.

5. After you are done playing Holi the phase for precautions is over. Now get down to the actual cleaning process. Your ears are most often hidden bu your hair. All they need is individual attention. It is not like you are going to clean your ears with some magic solution, the methods are the same as those that you use for cleaning your face. You just need to give it some time.

6. Cleaning the insides of your ears is just as important as the outside but this should be done last when the colour has no more scope to settle. You need to fill warm water (tolerably warm) in a syringe (new one), bend over the sink with your ear facing down and plunge the warm water in your ears. It will melt the wax and the colour in it that will eventually flow out of your ears.

These are the best remedies to clean ears after playing Holi.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 8, 2012, 9:58 [IST]
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