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Why Do You Need A Blotting Paper In Your Makeup Kit

Be it work or party, we'd all like to have our make-up stay where it is and retain its matte finish, but that rarely happens. There is a very thin line between a glowing skin and an oily skin and we often fail to realize it. Our skin tends to become oily because of the summer heat or because we have an oily skin and let's not forget the sweat and grime that settle on our skin and make our skin look dirty and dull.

The dirt and grime will penetrate deep into your skin pores and contaminate your make-up applicator. There's hardly enough time to clean your face and reapply your make-up all over again; that's where blotting papers come in handy.

Why Do You Need A Blotting Paper

Blotting papers are thin sheets of paper that absorb oil, and they come in small packages that fit easily into your bag. These sheets aid in removing excess oil from the surface of the skin and provide a matte look for hours.

Why Do You Need A Blotting Paper?

Blotting papers are a must if you have an oily skin as it's not possible to wash your face every now and then and then reapply your make-up. An oily face needs regular touch-ups and the best way to keep the skin from looking oily is to use a blotting paper. These small strips of paper absorb oil from your face without ruining your make-up.

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How To Use A Blotting Paper:

• Pull out a sheet from the pack.
• Now press this sheet gently and firmly on the shiny areas of your face, starting from your T-zone (areas of your nose, chin, and forehead).
• Leave the blotting paper on your face for a few seconds while the paper absorbs the oil.
• Pull the blotting paper off from your face in one motion. Do not rub or move the paper across your skin as this will ruin your make-up.
• Use another sheet on the other areas of your face and repeat the same process.
• Repeat this process every couple of hours, depending on the severity of the oiliness of your skin.

So, how do you know it's working? You will be able to see the oil being absorbed as the paper will start to become transparent. The shine on your face will disappear and your make-up will still be in its place.

You'll have a matte look on your face. Make sure you do not use the same paper as it will cause skin breakouts. Use fresh paper on different areas of your skin.

Use Blotting Papers To Set Your Make-up:

After you apply sunscreen or liquid make-up or cream-based make-up, make sure you pat your face with a sheet of blotting paper. The paper will soak up the excess oil from the surface of the skin and help to set the make-up perfectly.

Use Blotting Papers To Control The Shine On Your Face:

It's not possible to wash your face and do a touch up every now and then, right? So how do you get rid of the oiliness and shine off your face without ruining your make-up? Here comes the blotting paper for the rescue.

Pat fresh strips of paper on your nose, chin, and forehead and then leave it on for some time. Do not move or rub the blotting paper before removing it from your face. The blotting paper will help control the shine on your face without disturbing the make-up.

Use Blotting Papers To Set Your Lipstick:

Apply your favourite lipstick and after that blot it using a blotting paper. Now, apply a second layer of your favourite lip colour for a deep finish. These blotting papers soak up the oils and emollients present in the lipsticks but don't remove the pigments in the lipsticks. Blotting papers will give your lipstick a matte finish and also help to make your lipstick stay for a long time.

There are different types of blotting papers that you can easily find in the local supermarket or you can order it online from the comfort of your home.

The popular choices include:

• Natural powder
• Hemp
• Lavender
• Plain and powder-free
• Chamomile
• Green tea

Many people use chamomile and lavender oil blotting paper, but most of them prefer plain and powder-free blotting papers as these avoid unnecessary skin irritation. They are odourless and work great for the skin.


There are certain blotting papers that leave grains on your face, so make sure you invest in a good product because they will make your skin look fresh and perfect all the time. So always carry a purse-sized pack that's compact, hygienic and easy to carry.

So ladies, always have a blotting paper inside your purse so that you can always look fresh and ready. There are various types of blotting papers which could be either cheap or expensive, so make sure you invest in good products. And trust us, these sheets are a life saver. So say goodbye to oily skin and get that perfect matte look every time.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 16, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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