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Smelly Feet During Monsoon? Try These Homemade Honey-Lemon Scrub

How to remove smell from shoes | जूतों की बदबू को ऐसे करें दूर | Boldsky

Ah, the sound of rain pattering on tin roofs, warm tea in your hand, soft music on the background, a wonderful dream, right? But if you are a working woman and busy with your work, then be it rain or shine, you have to show up to work. Yeah, it's not a great feeling when you reach your workplace fully soaked in rainwater, and on top of that the smell of wet, damp clothes and shoes, um, not pretty.

Monsoon does brighten up the green leaves and trees but it sure doesn't do any good to your feet. Monsoon is characterized by wet, stick and humid weather, which in turn, leads to sweaty and smelly feet. And to make things worse, we tend to wear the dirty and wet shoes in office for hours and hours, and then return home with swollen and smelly feet.

What Causes Smelly Feet?

• Smelly feet are caused especially by the footwear you wear. It is caused primarily by the lack of ventilation for your feet. When the perspiration has nowhere to escape, it becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria. Bacteria tend to eat the feet's sweat and produces isovaleric acid, which causes the odour.

• Athlete's foot, a skin infection that's caused by fungus can also cause smelly feet.
• Wearing poor quality shoes and over-wearing shoes.
• Poor hygiene and a harsh environment.
• Excessive hair on feet.

How To Treat Smelly Feet Using Home Remedies?

Home remedies are the best for treating smelly feet because the ingredients are natural and don't do harm to the skin. There are other ingredients as well as peppermint, lemon, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, sugar, etc., but today we will focus on lemon and honey.

Every Indian household will have these two ingredients in their kitchen, so what are you waiting for? Let's whip up some magic with these simple ingredients and ward off the evil smell from your feet for good.

How To Make Honey-Lemon Scrub At Home?


• ½ fresh lemon.
• ½ cup of granulated sugar.
• 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
• 1 tablespoon of organic honey.

How To Make:

• In a bowl, mix olive oil and lemon juice and make sure you blend them well.
• Now, add honey to the mixture.
• Now, add sugar and mix them well.

How To Use:

• Take a large tub or a foot tub and add warm water.
• Now take the honey-lemon mixture and massage your feet with it. For added exfoliation, you can use a washcloth.
• After your feet are all nice, don't wipe it off yet. Just place your feet in the warm tub of water.
• Now relax for 20 minutes.
• Wipe off any remaining sugar and pat dry your feet.
• Use this foot scrub 3 times a week.

Why This Works?


• Lemon juice has essential acids that can soften the feet. Its antimicrobial properties help to kill germs and stop them from spreading. Lemon also contains astringent properties that help to shrink pores and stop excess sweating.
• Lemon is a natural exfoliant, meaning it removes dead skin cells and renews the skin.
• Since it's acidic in nature, lemon helps to brighten up the skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.


• Sugar is a natural exfoliant like lemon. It sloughs off dead skin cells and encourages new cells to breathe.
• It also enhances blood circulation and tightens the skin pores, therefore, preventing bacteria from breeding.
• Sugar contains glycolic acid that helps to rejuvenate the skin and keeps it looking fresh.


• Honey contains moisturising properties and it's known to be a natural humectant, meaning it traps in the moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised.
• It also has antibacterial properties.
• The antiseptic properties of honey help to treat blisters and wounds in the feet.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Feet During Monsoon:

You can maintain healthy and odour-free feet by ensuring proper hygiene routine. Below we have a few tips that you can follow to prevent feet odour.
• Keep your feet dry and always check for any traces of water, especially in between your toes.
• Wash your feet with antiseptic every time you reach home. Our feet are more prone to infection because of the dirty water.
• Wash your sandals with a disinfectant and dry them.
• Do pedicure regularly at home. This helps to keep the feet clean and fresh.
• Always have two pairs of sandals so that you can switch between them.
• Use anti-fungal powder to protect your feet from fungal infection.
• Before wearing your shoes or sandals, make sure they are clean and dry.
• Wear breathable cotton socks.
• Soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of essential oil.
• Avoid putting your shoes and sandals in the closet immediately.
• Avoid wearing canvas shoes as they tend to soak up water.

There you go, simple and inexpensive home remedies for you lovely ladies. So, what are you waiting for? The excellent properties of lemon, honey and sugar will definitely ward off the bad odour from your feet. So, this monsoon makes sure you pamper your feet with this wonderful home remedy.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 14:45 [IST]
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